Thinking about how great an Orlando vacation would be? Enter to get a free vacation to Orlando, courtesy of Selling Timeshares Inc.'s May contest. (Photo by Steve Schwartz).
ORLANDO — It’s very simple, in fact. Do you have a photo of one of your favorite vacations?
And more importantly, are you willing to share that photo by posting it online, on a social media site?
Anyone who routinely posts their vacation photos online on sites like Twitter and Facebook now have an opportunity to get rewarded for doing it — with a free three–night stay at a timeshare resort in either Orlando or Las Vegas.
Those are the two vacation destinations chosen by Selling Timeshares, Inc., the California-based vacation ownership resale firm made up of licensed real estate brokers who specialize in Hilton and WorldMark resales.
Like a lot of businesses today, Selling Timeshares Inc. uses social media sites to build a following and attract customers. The firm created the contest to drive traffic to its Twitter and Facebook pages, while at the same time creating engaging ways to get more people to think about, and appreciate, the benefits of the timeshare industry. It’s an industry that’s particularly well represented in Central Florida, home to such prominent timeshare resorts as Orange Lake Resort in Four Corners and Mystic Dunes Golf Resort in Celebration.
Selling Timeshares Inc. says it decided to launch the contest on Friday, May 4 in part because its social media sites have already experienced a big jump in traffic recently, with its 500th follower recently signing up on the Twitter account.
Hoping to build on that growing amount of social buzz and improve its marketing efforts, the company decided to further engage the public in another creative way. That was when Selling Timeshares Inc.’s president, Seth Nock, announced they were offering the vacation getaway.
“We are working to build life-long relationships with timeshare owners,” Nock said, adding that the firm clearly has been able to take advantage of the opportunities that social media sites present.
“Social media has enabled us to keep our friends and family up to date on the latest timeshare news, resort reviews, travel tips, and much more,” he said. “We’re excited to share the resources we are building with the timeshare community.”
Entering the contest is simple: for a chance to win a free three-night stay at a timeshare resort in either Las Vegas or Orlando, anyone over the age of 18 can enter by pressing the “like” button on the company’s Facebook account,
Alternatively, contestants can enter the drawing by following the company on Twitter @SellngTmshrsINC. The winning contestant will be able to select from either destination.
A third option for entering is contestants can post a picture of their favorite vacation memory on either one of the company’s social network accounts. A maximum of three entries per person is allowed. So, essentially, anyone who enjoys being on social media sites, and who enjoys posting their vacation photosw, should look around for a favorite photo they can share on line. If they post it on Selling Timeshares Inc.’s sites, they have an increased chance to win the contest.
The vacation giveaway contest closes at the end of this month. One winner will be randomly chosen on May 31. Every applicant will be assigned a randomized number for each entry. Ann Wise of the WorldMark discussion forum, was selected by Selling Timeshsraes to be the moderator who draws the winning number at the end of the month.
Anyone who has already opted to like or follow the company on Twitter or Facebook won’t have to do anything new — they will automatically be entered into the contest and given an opportunity to win the vacation package. But they also have the option to submit photos of their favorite vacation to increase their chances of winning.
It’s also important to keep following the Selling Timeshares Inc. Facebook and Twitter pages, particularly at the end of the month. The contestant whose number is chosen will be notified through the social media outlet that they entered through. The winner will be given three days to claim their prize — if they don’t respond within three calendar days, another contestant’s number gets chosen at random.
Selling Timeshares, based in Alameda, Calif., is made up of a group of licensed real estate professionals with experience in the vacation ownership field. They offer a full service timeshare resale brokerage that doesn’t charge an upfront fee to sell.
Follow them on twitter @sellngtmshrsINC to enter, or like them @

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