Michael W. Freeman is a veteran journalist, playwright and author. Born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, he has lived in Orlando since 2002. Michael has worked for some of Florida's largest newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel. His original plays have draw strong audiences at the Orlando Fringe Festival. He is the author of the novels "Bloody Rabbit" and "Koby's New Home."

The Nobody Important blog explores issues that make us who we are today, as Americans.
The Nobody Important blog explores issues that make us who we are today, as Americans.

ORLANDO — Consider the topics.
The link between elected office — and sociopathy.
The war on drugs … versus the war on terror.
Holding morally accountable, those who lack free will.
Welcome to Nobody Important, the new blog that looks for spirited debates about where we are today, who we are, how we got here and where we are headed.
In a highly divided nation, struggling to fully recover from the lingering impact of two controversial wars and then a national recession, Nobody Important is a voice that challenges certain concepts, and champions others. More importantly, it asks others to join in the debate.
Freeline Media highly recommends that our readers check out the new blog, which explores some of the most highly debated issues of the day — and some fresh issues that are perhaps simmering under the surface.
The author of the Nobody Important blog explores a lot of subjects that interest him — religion, politics, history, science, culture, sociology, law, or, as he puts it, “anything else that strikes my fancy.”
Check out Nobody Important today. Chances are, you will find something that piques your interest — holds it — and prompts you to keep reading.
Add your two cents to the debates.

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