Simple steps to avoid a holiday meal becoming a health care disaster

TAVARES – It’s that timeless holiday tradition: the enormous meal cooked for the entire family, for relatives you haven’t seen all years, for whoever they bring along, old and new faces alike. When it comes to a family gathering for the holidays, the festively decorated dinner table awaits everyone. Good news for… Continue reading

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Of Sweat and Snow

ORLANDO – There’s something particularly weird about watching heavy snow falling, and seeing people outside heavily bundled up in thick jackets and wool hats, and you’re standing in a T-shirt and shorts — sweating profusely. Maybe that’s partially because this happened to me at 6:30 in the morning, and a part of me… Continue reading

Polk County cracks down on gun owners — a specific type, though.

BARTOW – In a state where gun rights are strongly protected, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is taking aim at a particular group and hoping to remove any guns they might have in their homes – even if the gun owner feels the weapon is needed to protect himself and… Continue reading

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