Orlando Philharmonic closes its season — in outer space

The Orlando Philharmonic closed out its season on Saturday with a performance of “The Final Frontier.”

ORLANDO — The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra closed its season on Saturday with two performances that celebrated a unique form of music: the soundtracks for films and television shows devoted to science fiction.
In doing so, conductor Jack Everly also had an opportunity to celebrate the music of a cinematic legend, the composer whose scores have included films like “Star Wars,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” and “Superman.”
It was a delight, Everly said, to have an opportunity to highlight scores “by the very great John Williams. John truly has become an icon among composers. He just happened to be in Hollywood at the right time.”
The Orlando Philharmonic closed out its 2016/2017 Super Series Program 10 with “The Final Frontier,” a fond look back at how composers like Williams have had an enormous impact on science fiction cinema by creating such memorable scores for these films. They opened with Williams’ main title from “Star Wars,” while also performing music from his soundtracks for “E.T.,” “Superman,” “Close Encounters,” “Star Wars: Phantom Menace” and the end title to the original 1977 Star Wars film. Continue reading

Polk County commemorates its history during World War I

BARTOW – Thursday marked a significant anniversary: it was 100 years ago when the United States officially declared war on Germany and entered World War I. President Woodrow Wilson called a

Polk County history

Polk County, Florida, is rich in history, and the Historical Association will soon unveil a new exhibit on the role its residents played in World War I.

special joint session of Congress to “formally accept the status of belligerent which has thus been thrust upon it.”
On Thursday, the Polk County History Center, the Polk County Historical Association, the Polk County Veterans Council and the Polk County Historical Commission announced plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of America’s involvement in World War I by honoring men and women of Polk County who served in “The Great War.”
The war that started in the summer of 1914 in Europe was one the United States officially entered on April 6, 1917. Later this summer, the Polk County Historical Association will present a glimpse into residents of this county were impacted a century ago.
When the Historical Association holds its annual meeting on June 15 at the Bartow Civic Center. there will be a special program on Polk County in World War I, and then on Nov. 11, the Polk County History Center will open a new exhibit featuring biographical profiles of Polk residents who served in World War I. Continue reading

Internet Safety in the age of Cyber Terrorism

How do you protect yourself today when so much of your life exists on your laptop?

ORLANDO — One of the top news stories today? Was Russia responsible for hacking leading Democrats’ emails during the 2016 presidential election.
U.S. intelligence has concluded that the hacks were part of an effort to discredit the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, using fake news on social media and releasing hacked emails through WikiLeaks.
Another big news story: Congress voted to nullify the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules, which critics say will allow Internet service providers to sell your individual browsing history to third parties.
Both of these headlines illustrate the quirky, potentially dangerous world we all live in now, where cyperspace, social media and even news headlines can become weapons — and how our laptops, smartphones, and tablets have gone from vital tools to potentially ticking time bombs.
So in this age when so much of our lives — our personal information, our banking records, etc., is tied to our laptops, how do we protect ourselves? Continue reading

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