“Life Could Be a Dream” takes a harmonious trip back to a more innocent era

Life Could Be a Dream

Andrew LeJeune, Zach Nadoiski, and Michael Scott Ross (rear) join Bert Rodriguez and Tay Anderson in the musical-comedy “Life Could Be a Dream” at The Winter park Playhouse.

WINTER PARK — When someone mentions the 1960s, most people are likely to recall a highly turbulent era, especially in the latter years.

Political assassinations, anti-war protests, and the flower child movement all rocked the nation from 1967 until the 1970s arrived, and it was a time when it felt like the nation was being torn apart.

What might no longer be remembered is that the decade didn’t start that way, and the early 1960s still felt a lot more like the 1950s. The spirit of youthful rebellion, social change and rejection of traditional norms was still years away. That was reflected in the music as well. If by the late 1960s The Rolling Stones were singing “Sympathy For The Devil,” in the early 1960s teens were still listening to Paul Anka singing “Puppy Love” and Mark Dinning crooning “Teen Angel.”

That era is captured in Roger Bean’s jukebox musical “Life Could Be a Dream,” which is set in the year 1960, in the basement of Denny Harney, a teen with ambitions to become a hit doo wop singer. Continue reading

A water-logged blue heron is saved by Lake County firefighters

lake county blue heron

Firefighters in Lake County, Florida helped save a water-logged blue heron.

ASTOR — A lot of unique stories came out of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in Central Florida, including the impact on many families’ pets.

The storm also impacted the region’s wildlife. That was the case in Lake County, where a blue heron owes its life to county firefighters.

This week, Lake County Fire Rescue’s Chief Dan Miller and Lt. Jason Rivera were out searching for a python that had reportedly attacked, and devoured, a local resident’s pet cat.

But they discovered something else instead: a struggling blue heron.

The bird, which is an iconic symbol in Lake County’s logo, had been water-logged in the heavy flooding that Hurricane Irma delivered to the county.

As Miller noted, it started with a visibly upset pet owner and shifted to the bird. Continue reading

With Fall arriving soon, is it time to buy a motorcycle?

motorcycles in fall

Now that Fall is about to arrive, is it time to start thinking about buying a motorcycle?

ORLANDO — The arrival of fall means if you’re planning to spend some quality time traveling on your motorcycle, you’ll definitely be one with the environment.

You’re also going to be at the mercy of the elements, so before you mark your trip on the calendar, think about what you need to make your fall journey the best one yet.

That’s especially true if you’re heading someplace where the summer heat disappeared weeks ago, and the taste of fall
is already in the air. Before you start the engine, be sure you’ve got the right gear to maximize your confront and safety, no matter what your surroundings are. That includes wearing the right protective gear for the trip.

And you’ll definitely want to be out riding throughout the coming months, because this is one of the most rewarding times to enjoy our nation’s highways and roadways, for a variety of good reasons.

Fall is one of the best seasons to be out riding. It’s a time when most parts of the country are enjoyably mild and the scenery – autumn leaves in New England have an amazing reputation for a good reason – is gorgeous. Continue reading

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