Just The Truth from an Alpha Male: Bullying.

Are the guys who get bullied really victims? Or do they need to spend more time in the gym, rather than whining all day? Alpha Male Ryan has some thoughts on this. (Photo by Amy Rodrigues).

Editor’s Note: Alpha Male Ryan completed this column for Freeline Media while serving a two-year prison sentence in Florida.

Wah wah wah.
That’s the sound of the whiny Geeks who, after being out of high school for 10-plus years, still cry about the “unfair treatment” they got. OK, so you got picked on, maybe bullied. But you chose your route – and those of us who were jocks chose ours.
Being a jock’s not easy – I should know. But you don’t hear us whining because we were jocks.
Geeks have chess practice. We had football, wrestling, weightlifting. I’ve never known a wimpy geek to pull a hamstring or get a concussion from a checkmate. When we play a game, we have hours of blood, sweat and tears preparing for it.
Geeks? They study algebra and Quantum Physics.
Now that we’re starting on this, it’s probably harder being a jock. Practice, weight lifting … and we have the possible stress of letting down our team and our school if we lose a game. I’ve never seen a stadium or bleachers filled for a school chess match. The only person a geek lets down is himself.
Dude — grow a pair. Quit whining. You’re not in high school anymore. You took the easy route and got good grades, probably never broke a bone or got a D on a test. So pick up a dumbbell and put some muscles on.
If you get bullied in school, it’s generally because of your decision on what you do and who you hang out with. I chose to be a jock.
But I was also a choirboy. Now, tradition tells you that jocks rule the school. They’re the winners of popularity contests, everyone knows them, most people like them because of their status and want to be around them – just to say they’re associated with them.

High school geeks who got bullied need to quit complaining, Alpha Male Ryan says. (Photo by Amy Rodrigues).

Choirboys, however, are usually the students who get made fun of, who stay after school to sing Christmas carols and put on concerts to raise money for “singing competitions.”
But this choir boy was never bullied, I’ll tell you that much. I chose to be assertive. I spent hours lifting weights, boxing, sweating, and also spent hours in choir practice.
I carved my path through a mountain with a hammer and chisel, and in turn I wasn’t a victim.
Bullying victims are victims of their own laziness, of their own fear. Victims allow themselves to become victims because they fail to assert themselves.
Now granted, some kids are naturally smaller than others. But no one is stopping the small guys from picking up a weight! Don’t chose to take the easy, pain-free way, with no sweat. The opportunities are there, you just have to pick what you want. If you want to be popular and good at sports, all it takes is practice.
If you’d rather do your algebra homework or play “Magic The Gathering” and “Dungeons and Dragons,” that’s your choice. But you make the decision as to your path through school. No one is stopping you from playing football, or wrestling, or whatever it is you want … nobody except you, that is.
Make your choice, but it’s time for you to stop blaming others because you weren’t popular.
Quit your crying and pick up a damn football. Start sweating. Work out. Get a sixpack and ask a girl out. Seize the day.
Take the bull by the damn horns.
It’s all on you.

Contact Alpha Male Ryan at FreelineOrlando@Gmail.com.

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12 Responses to “Just The Truth from an Alpha Male: Bullying.”

  1. Howdy, I just hopped around with your site through the usage of StumbleUpon. Not anything I had quite often understand, even so I favored your ideas none the much less. Many thanks for building one thing value reading through.

  2. Texan Dad says:

    I found your message while doing a random Google search. Are you serious? Is this a parody? Perhaps against my better judgment, I’ll assume you are serious. I speak as a middle-aged father. I was also raped by a group of African american men and am extremely resentful.
    Now I enjoy simulated interracial forced sex in private.

    The first thought that crosses my mind is what motivated you to write this. You talk about others whining, yet you’re whining yourself. You sound bitter. Perhaps you’re jealous of nonathletic guys you knew in high school who applied themselves, excelled academically, and now have jobs that pay more than yours, assuming you’re employed. Incidentally, who says high-school athletes can’t also excel academically? I currently correspond with a university football player who just completed the semester with a 4.0 GPA, and he doesn’t have an easy major.He is Great in bed, However.

    You sound like a walking stereotype. Several of my closest friends are guys with athletic backgrounds. One of them even played football at the university where he earned his degree. They would be appalled at your sorry, intolerant attitude. With your hateful comments you’re actually reinforcing the negative stereotype that cause others to become prejudiced against decent athletes. No wonder the “jock bully” stereotype persists.

    As you grow older, I hope you’ll learn that high school was only a brief time in your life. There are many people who had a difficult time in high school for one reason or another, but still managed to become quite successful in life. You say that studious nonathletic guys take the easy route. Are you kidding? This one statement of yours, as ludicrous as it is, almost led me to believe you weren’t being serious at all. Do you really think mastering a science like physics or chemistry, for example, is easy? You don’t think that takes a lot of effort and work? Come on … 😆

    I checked the post you wrote about Martin Luther King, Jr. Seems quite strange that a small-minded bigot like you would admire him. Your views of nonathletic guys bear an uncomfortable resemblance to racist and anti-Semitic bigotry. They’re just as wrong. By the way, was Martin Luther King an athlete? Not that it matters one way or the other. How many of the white men and black men who actively participated in the civil rights movement were athletes? During the early 1960s before the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, how many of the college students who participated in the civil rights marches in the Deep South were football players? Seems to me that many of the men who courageously spoke out against racial discrimination at the height of Jim Crow were precisely the sort of guys you hold in such contempt. During the 1960s I attended public school in an all-white district. A childhood friend of mine who played football at one of the high schools in the district would tell me decades later that most of his teammates had looked down on the nonathletic guys at their school. Most of them had also supported racial discrimination against black Americans. During the Presidential campaign of 1968, he told me that most of his teammates supported George Wallace, the segregationist Governor of Alabama. I bet if Martin Luther King were alive today and had the opportunity to read your little diatribe, he’d think you were a jerk.

    You show your ignorance. The fact of the matter is that there have been men of great courage who never had any interest in sports. I dare say there’s no way you’d ever equal their example. You’d probably turn out to be a wimp and a coward, just like Coach McQueary at Penn State. There are also men who have attained high levels of physical fitness without participating in sports. No, they’re not in the majority, since sports are so popular; but there are some. If you would free your mind, you would realize this is so.

    I suggest you develop some compassion and empathy, It might help in some of your interpersonal relationships. In short, you need to grow up, kid.When you did, i’d like to buy you a drink, see what happens 😉

  3. OK Ryan, you nave!

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly.

    You say, that the students who excelled academically in school chose their rout, and you’re implying that they deserve to get bullied around because of the choice they made.

    Gee! I thought America was suppose top be a free country where we can choose what career path we wish to follow, whether it be a career in science or a career in sports.

    But no, to you anyone who doesn’t choose the path of sports deserves to get bullied around.

    Sorry, but beating up on those who are physically smaller and weaker does not make you a real man. That only makes you a coward. I’ll just bet, if you were to encounter someone who is much bigger and stronger than you are, you would probably wet your pants!

    No, you were simply jealous of the students who excelled academically because you’re just a bed wetting ignoramus with shit for brains and an IQ that is exceeded by your shoe size.

    So, you bullied some of the students around because they made the choice of studying science and math instead of getting into sports.

    Yeah, like . . . . .



    Go crawl back into your cave, ALLY OOP!

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  6. Texan Dad says:

    I came to my senses weeks ago and realized I was wrong to take you seriously. I was a fool to do that. You’re just trolling your own website. Your line about doing algebra homework would be perfect for an SNL skit. Doesn’t matter … whether you’re serious or not, you’re a jerk either way.

    By the way, I love your posed photos. Is that you and your homosexual lover?

  7. Ryan says:

    Ignorance is bliss, so your in heaven.
    you enjoy the sound of your own voice, huh?
    just because your drunk uncle snuck into your room on nights that ended in you crying and repressing anger towards Dominant men ,dont take that out on me.

  8. Alan Berg says:

    All I can say is I sure wish I’d had some big … and strong … and muscular .. and handsome … like Ryan to bully me when I was in high school. The only bullying I ever got was from the other queens I hung out with, who were always so quick to complain when my eyeshade wasn’t just right. How many times in high school was I yelling “Stop being such a bitchy critic, Nancy!” when a hunk like Ryan would walk by me and not even knock my books out of my hand, just ignore me altogether. So, so sad.

  9. Joe Doe says:

    “I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked http://freelinemediaorlando.com/just-the-truth-from-an-alpha-male-daves-take-on-bullying/ at Digg.com so my friends can see it too. I simply used Just The Truth from an Alpha Male: Bullying. | Freeline Media Orlando as the entry title in my Digg.com bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like to see it bookmarked the same way.“

  10. Kat says:

    I think this is really inconsiderate, to say they take the “easy way out”. Have you studied days on end without sleep for astrophysics tests? People say “its not rocket science” well “alpha male” some people do study that. And its HARD! Don’t let anyone but themselves down, you’re clearly missunderstanding just what geeks/nerds do for the world by their studying. Sure they could do to stand up for themselves, or pick up weights. Good on you for having something against the jock stereotype, aka choir. Well, not all geeks follow that either. They’re people, and should be treated like it, complex and dynamic, same as any “jock”. I play Magic the gathering, AND D&D, Oh yeah and I worked out in highschool, currently I work out 5 days a week, with weights! I love MMA/kickboxing too. Right, and I work full time (guess where, in a LAB). I understand blood sweat and tears, and pain. Still some days I thought, god please let some accident happen, break my leg so I don’t have to write an exam I’m not ready for. Yes, I’d have taken the months of pain over some of those exams! After all, my future was dependent on those intense 3 hrs (each) back to back exams.
    Bottom line is, they shouldn’t be being picked on in the first place! It’s like saying women should try not to get raped. The rapists are the ones at fault, not the women. Why should they have to walk so carefully or not go out at night? Should be no problem for someone to leave their house whenever they feel like it, and get dressed up nicely too. Fact is they are valuable people, and while maybe not everyone comes to watch their games, certainly everyone watches yours on their flatscreens, thanks to these guys. Who studied physics. Cuz I promise you, there’d be no WiFi, no computers, no cell phones, etc. without them.
    You are not an alpha male. Real “alphas” and leaders of men value the qualities others have, and encourage them to achieve their best, whatever that is.

  11. AmaGamma says:

    Lol, thats a butthurt that makes some ex-geeks comment here. But actually who bully others are mostly gamma males – not the best route either. Better to be a beta male – these can have both excell academically and physically, and don’t bully the week
    Best regards,
    ama gamma..

  12. knuckledragger says:

    I was bullied in Jr high. Learned to fight and fight hard. The physical bullying stopped, no surpirse. The big surprise is the subtle social bullying pop up from time to time after that. Mostly because I was still behaving like a target, body language is a dead give away to a bully social or otherwise. They could pickup the lack of self confidence at 1000 meters

    Joined the military after that to get my brain re-wired thanks to the US Cavalry (RECON!!!). I don’t get social bullied any more either funny how that works. Over time I developed a subtle body language that says don’t fuck with me. I set limits to what stupidy I tolerate. I give the bully a face saving way out. Cross the line… I choose the appropriate action anything from going to HR, finding a better paying job (nothing really pisses workplace/social bullies off like here’s my 2 weeks for my new dream job),to filing a law suit, to calling the cops, to extreme levels of violence should that be required.

    Mr Jock is right about bully’s target, we let it happen, we don’t get help, we don’t fight back. His suggestion of just lifting weights is not adequate. You have to re-wire your whole mindset. Set boundries, let folks know both verbally and more importantly in your body language what the limits are and the consequences. Choose the correct course of action for the situation at hand, punching a workplace social bully on the nose while satesfying, is stupid calmly put it in an email to HR and your lawyer.

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