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History Center hosts exhibit on political memorabilia

ORLANDO — Political buttons, easily one of the most popular and enduring items in the history of campaigning, date back to around 1892, courtesy of a New Jersey company called Whitehead and Hoag. Even today, the words “Whitehead and Hoag” are a staple on sites like eBay that draw in collectors. Political buttons may be [...]

For foreign investors, Orlando’s housing market offering great opportunities

ORLANDO — With Central Florida’s economy booming, the tourism industry breaking attendance records, and new homes being built every month, there might not be a better time for a foreign investor to start thinking about the value of purchasing one of those pre-construction homes in the Orlando area. That purchase could turn out to be [...]

Judicial candidate puts a focus on upholding the public’s trust

ORLANDO — As he conducts his campaign to be elected as a judge to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court, Joseph Haynes Davis has been attending public events, greeting area residents, and starting a dialogue with them about his campaign. He knows, however, that running for a judicial post is starkly different from seeking a legislative [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Party”

ORLANDO — The plot set-up for “Party,” the play now being performed at the Footlight Theatre in Orlando, feels familiar at first, vaguely similar to one of the earlier gay-themed plays, Mart Crowley’s “The Boys In The Band.” Set in the apartment of gay roommates Kevin and Peter, there are drinks, chips and card games [...]

Freeline Media Review: “All Hands on Deck”

WINTER PARK — “All Hands on Deck” is a flashback — a musical review with some very catchy, upbeat songs, many hauntingly romantic ones, some truly corny jokes — all wrapped up in a salute to our nation’s military, our veterans, and to the way that patriotism helps bring all of us together. The show [...]

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