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Anti-tax crusader joins campaign against proposed rules changes at IRS

ORLANDO — When taking aim at a government agency, the chances of making the criticism stick likely depend on which f3ederal department is being targeted. If it’s a popular institution like the military, the chances are success seem dicey. On the other hand, Doug Guetzloe didn’t hesitate when he was asked to serve as a [...]

Freeline Media Review: “I Love My Wife”

WINTER PARK — It’s the holiday season during the opening of the musical “I Love My Wife,” and Monica is excited. She’s gearing up to finish her shopping, but decides to take a break at a local cafĂ©. That’s where she bumps into her friend Alvin. In fact, Monica and her husband Wally are so [...]

Take the dark, ominous journey with “Bloody Rabbit”

“It was pouring out when R.T. Robeson jumped on the bus that would carry him from downtown Orlando to the building in an older, somewhat less fashionable section of the city. He had never visited the building before, but a Miss Gardenia was expecting him …” ORLANDO — So begins author Michael W. Freeman’s disturbing [...]

For legislative candidate Nancy Miller, history is a key to the future

TALLAHASSEE — There are a number of issues that Nancy Miller is highlighting in her bid to represent Florida’s state Senate District 3, including supporting the Second Amendment and gun rights, and keeping taxes low. But Miller is also emphasizing another issue, one that rarely gets mentioned on the campaign trail: the preservation of the [...]

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