Salacious literature of Medieval Spain: the Ribald and the grotesque

SAN DIEGO — Literature filled with tales of adultery, stories that are sexually explicit, plus works littered with grotesque descriptions of what most would consider embarrassing body functions, often attributing them to the richest and most powerful in society … The current crop of bestselling potboilers available in bookstores today?… Continue reading

British pound drops, while U.S. mortgage rates also head lower

ORLANDO — Britain’s sterling currency fell on Monday to a 31-year-low against the dollar, while U.S. stocks also fell sharply in early trading – a vivid reminder of the financial uncertainly that’s been triggered since British voters opted last Thursday to vote to leave the EU. The situation seemed to… Continue reading

SBA opens Business Recovery Center in Orlando

ORLANDO – In the past, Florida’s state government has responded to disasters by making financing available for residents of the region that was impacted. Those disasters have included hurricanes, tornados, and heavy flooding caused by tropical storms. This week, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced it will open a Business… Continue reading

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