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“Murder Sleep” wins the Patron’s Pick at the Orlando Fringe festival

ORLANDO — Freeline Productions’ original thriller “Murder Sleep” won the Patron’s Pick award for its venue, and did a seventh performance on Memorial Day at the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. The play, written by Michael Freeman and directed by Laurel Clark and Jim Cundiff, featured Steven Johnson, Mickey Layman and Sara Cutlip as three [...]

Retrovirus at the Abbey: the 80s return, or is it No Wave?

ORLANDO — Homecomings can be a happy time for the family — the college student arriving home for spring break, the long-lost relatives making a welcome visit. And so it is, as well, with the Genitorturers. The industrial metal band, who have proclaimed themselves “The World’s Sexiest Rock Band,” originated in Orlando. Originally called The [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Bio Psycho Social”

ORLANDO — For those of you theater audience members who are not social workers or psychologists, the “biopsychosocial” model is described as one that “attributes disease causation or disease outcome to the intricate, variable interaction of biological factors (genetic, biochemical, etc), psychological factors (mood, personality, behavior, etc), and social factors (cultural, familial, socioeconomic, medical, etc),” [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Prestigious Insanity: A Magic Show”

ORLANDO — At the opening of his solo performance, “Prestigious Insanity: A Magic Show,” Spencer Hojdila sits on a stool, dressed in a white jumpsuit that looks like your stereotypical insane asylum gear, and is handcuffed. As the show starts, he raises his head, looks at the audience, and talks a bit about the nature [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Assassinations and Other Macabre Tales”

ORLANDO — “Assassinations and Other Macabre Tales” is a brilliant piece of mini-theater — and I say “mini” mainly because this show clocks in at a speedy 15 minutes. But that doesn’t matter: this is still a wildly inventive attempt at dark political comedy. The show is being performed at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre [...]

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