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Orlando Fringe kicks off the 25th season with Fringe Preview Night

ORLANDO — For most businesses, being able to brag about getting “bigger and better” is a sign of their overall health, expanding market, and ability to find new customers — genuine bragging rights, in other words. The concept takes on even more meaning, though, for the executive director and producer of the Orlando International Fringe [...]

Child of the Holocaust recalls a remarkable tale of survival

MAITLAND — Erica Cantor has nostalgic memories of an early childhood that was idyllic in every way. Born in 1929 in Stuttgart, capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state, Cantor said she was raised by loving parents in a modern city and has fond memories of life there. “We practiced Christmas, which in Germany was a [...]

Book your tickets today for “Murder Sleep”

ORLANDO — At an aging hotel in Fort Lauderdale, the handsome young stud Ryan is only too eager to welcome the beautiful and exotic woman he’s met at the bar, Francesca, into his room for the afternoon. What he doesn’t quite expect is the strange tale she spins, about the rich man staying there who [...]

OPO tells its audience, “Let’s Fall in Love.”

ORLANDO — For Davis Gaines, Saturday was very much a happy homecoming. It wasn’t just that the singer went to school in the Orlando area, or that he has performed at local theaters like the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre. More importantly, he was thrilled to be back at the Bob Carr Theater, which he said holds [...]

Do you have The Rabbit?

“It was pouring out when R.T. Robeson jumped on the bus that would carry him from downtown Orlando to the building in an older, somewhat less fashionable section of the city. He had never visited the building before, but a Miss Gardenia was expecting him …” ORLANDO — So begins author Michael W. Freeman’s disturbing [...]

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