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Book your Fringe tickets today for “Murder Sleep”

ORLANDO — At an aging hotel in Fort Lauderdale, the handsome young stud Ryan is only too eager to welcome the beautiful and exotic woman he’s met at the bar, Francesca, into his room for the afternoon. What he doesn’t quite expect is the strange tale she spins, about the rich man staying there who [...]

Construction employment rises in 43 states, including Florida

ORLANDO – As the economy continues to recover, one industry in particular appears to be making a sharp comeback, and that’s the field of construction. And that’s been particularly true here in Florida, according to the nation’s top construction industry group. According to the report released on March 25 by the Associated General Contractors of [...]

Builders and developers — are you looking for buyers?

ORLANDO – An Flamand, owner and broker at An Flamand-Orlando Vacation Realty, is interested in working with experienced & professional builders – particularly ones who own land in Central Florida and are ready to develop, but haven’t started construction yet. If those builders haven’t started construction yet, An is encouraging them to call her. An [...]

Townhouse sales going up in Orlando area, realtors association report notes

ORLANDO – Throughout the Orlando area, home prices are rising, while buyers are finding fewer homes available to pick from, according to a new report by the Orlando Regional Realtors Association. As the association noted in its report on the housing market for the month of February, “buyer demand for homes outstrips inventory in February.” [...]

An upcoming referendum in the United Kingdom – and its impact on the Central Florida housing market

ORLANDO — In most instances, uncertainly is anything but a friend to the real estate market. If someone is worried about their job, they don’t buy. If they have rising medical bills and don’t know how costly they’re going to get, they hold off on that crucial decision of whether or not to purchase a [...]

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