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Don’t forget risks that storms pose to pets, OCAS warns

ORLANDO — As Tropical Storm Erika approaches Florida, Gov. Rick Scott and county and city leaders are urging the public to be prepared for the worst, and to anticipate that this storm will likely bring heavy rains and winds to the state, potentially knocking down tree limbs and causing flooding in some areas. At the [...]

Huckabee tops anti-tax group’s straw poll vote

ORLANDO — In the ongoing coverage of the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, it’s often noted that Florida has provided two top-tier candidates — former Governor Jeb Bush and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio — to the race. There are actually three candidates who call Florida home in this race, and it was the third [...]

Situational Awareness: What really got exposed?

POINCIANA — Exactly what happened in a parked car in Poinciana earlier this month? Calling it a “suspicious incident,” the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has forwarded charges against a 25-year-old man to the State Attorney’s Office. The charge: exposure of sexual organs. The place: a parked car. Twis Lizasuain, the public information officer for the [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Carrie The Musical”

ORLANDO — Here’s a good question for all playwrights and stage directors: assuming you have a high degree of flair and creativity, how successfully can you produce a musical based on a unique source: horror movies. If you’re inclined to point to the huge success of “Phantom of the Opera” or “The Rocky Horror Show,” [...]

Don’t look behind you: Bloody Rabbit is there

ORLANDO — The Freeline Productions novel “Bloody Rabbit” takes readers on a dark journey into a world where people are desperately struggling to find stability, as they cope with a grim and lingering economic anxiety. The book’s author, Michael W. Freeman, views this anxiety through the eyes of the book’s lead character, R.T. Robeson, a [...]

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