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Freeline Media Review: “Dames At Sea”

WINTER PARK — In their musical comedy “Dames At Sea,” writers George Haimsohn and Robin Miller demonstrate absolutely no anxiety about being hopelessly silly — or about reveling in as many aging, decrepit clich├ęs as possible. Their show opens in a theater in New York City, and it all has a very familiar feel. There’s [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Venus in Fur”

“Venus in Fur” marks director Roman Polanski’s return to the world of fantasy and surrealism, a genre he championed in his earliest short films while a student at the Lodz Film School in Poland, like “The Lamp” and “Two Men in a Wardrobe” — even though Polanski’s adaptation of the hit Broadway play by David [...]

Animal abuse sadly on the rise, Orange County shelter notes

ORLANDO — In the dog days of summer, it’s sadly turning out to be very tough days for all too many local pets. The Orange County Animal Services is reporting that for the second time in recent weeks, an animal abuse case came to the attention of local law enforcement — by a call from [...]

Have you hugged your “Bloody Rabbit” today?

ORLANDO — What if you had a burning contempt, almost obsessive dislike, for one person in particular? What if every day your feelings got stronger, and this person infuriated you more and more — by the minute? You just wished that person would disappear off the face of the planet — for good. And what [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Macbeth”

ORLANDO — The production of “Macbeth” being performed at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater this weekend doesn’t have the look of Scotland in the 1500s, and in fact seems to better resemble the dark, ominous landscape seen in “The Terminator” movies. The text by Shakespeare is the same, but this “Macbeth” jettisons the audience into a [...]

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