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Anti-semitism’s devastating comeback: the terror of the “Bloody Rabbit”

ORLANDO — The Great Recession brought terrible hardship to millions of people, and R.T. Robeson is no exception. The Orlando man thought he had it all by his late 40s, but the recession took everything he had — his job, his savings, his home, car, even his cat. As he struggles to find employment, he [...]

Freeline Media Review: Shen Yun Performing Arts

ORLANDO — Watching the performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts over this past weekend, it might initially seem like a straightforward celebration of Chinese dance and music. In fact, it really represents something else as well: a history lesson, in a sense, even a history book on ancient Chinese culture. As the Shen Yun team [...]

Freeline Media Review: “The Philadelphia Story”

ORLANDO — On Sept. 1 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland, prompting Britain and France to declare war on Germany two days later — the start of World War II. Poland would quickly fall to the Nazi aggression, and so would France, leaving Britain in a seemingly uphill crusade to stop the Nazi takeover of Europe. [...]

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