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In Praise of the Gobblings

We all have those dreams from time to time — to suddenly find ourselves in a very unfamiliar place. For some reason in those dreams, unfamiliar rarely feels exciting, like we’re about to start on a new adventure. Instead, it always feels ominous. We’ve been taken out of our regular, cozy place — whether it’s [...]

Florida’s jobs engine begins to rev up into high gear

MAITLAND — Florida got an early Christmas present this week, when the latest jobs numbers indicated that the Sunshine State’s economy was clearly on the upswing. On Friday, the office of Gov. Rick Scott announced that in November, the state experienced the single highest month of private sector job growth in four years, when 38,000 [...]

Freeline Media Review: “A Christmas Carol”

ORLANDO — The Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol” opens with a novel concept: a family is getting ready to celebrate Christmas Eve when they head into the attic in search of holiday decorations, and a small child finds a book. When he asks what the book is, one of the adults smiles [...]

“Bloody Rabbit” explores lingering economic anxiety in the U.S.

ORLANDO — This month, the federal government reported, the U.S. created 321,000 jobs. It seems like there was good reason to cheer the news. As the government noted, the economy has added 200,000 workers or more for nine straight months. And yet, as the Nov. 4 election results demonstrated, people are still feeling nervous about [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: The Christmas card dilemma

On Thanksgiving morning, I got my start on writing my Christmas cards. I like to say something in the cards, although one thing I’ve noticed is that in the age of social media, my world has shrunk. Virtually everyone I wanted to send a card to is on a social media site like Facebook, and [...]

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