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As holidays arrive, the world of the vacation home paradise awaits

DAVENPORT — With the arrival of the holiday season, Central Florida’s tourism and hospitality industries are shifting into high gear. From tropical weather in the dead of winter to some of the world’s best known theme park attractions, the Orlando area can always demonstrate every December why so many want to vacation here. For a [...]

From economic despair to Antisemitic terror: the dark journey of “Bloody Rabbit”

ORLANDO — The Great Recession brought terrible hardship to millions of people, and R.T. Robeson is no exception. The Orlando man thought he had it all by his late 40s, but the recession took everything he had — his job, his savings, his home, car, even his cat. As he struggles to find employment, he [...]

Florida Civil Rights Association calls for changes in Florida laws

ORLANDO — Going beyond decrying the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri, the Florida Civil Rights Association is calling for changes in Florida law that would potentially prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the Sunshine State. On Friday, the association based in Orlando issued a statement noting its “grave discerns” with the grand jury’s [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Why say thanks?

In October of 2011, I flew from Orlando to Rhode Island, to spend a week visiting my father. I hadn’t seen him in several years, and felt it was time for us to reunite. It was also a return to the city where I was born, and raised, and spent the first 38 years of [...]

Polk deputies arrest two Thanksgiving turkeys, sheriff’s office says

LAKELAND — Thanksgiving can be a time of great joy and happiness for so many, a time to reunite the entire family and use the gathering to say thanks for all that family means. But not all people are celebrating the joy of family today. Just ask the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, which just arrested [...]

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