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Freeline Productions applies to Orlando Fringe Festival

ORLANDO – Freeline Productions will file an application for the 2015 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Orlando-based Freeline is entering playwright Michael W. Freeman’s eerie thriller “Murder Sleep”, a variation of Shakespeare’s classic (and bloody) drama “Macbeth”. Applications are now available for the 24th annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. There is a $25 [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Killer Joe”

ORLANDO — Young and pretty Dottie Smith is watching a martial arts instruction program on television when the stranger at the front door starts knocking. Dottie has the volume on so loud that she doesn’t hear him, so he simply opens the door and walks in. The man at the door is Joe Cooper, who [...]

Jewish Cinema: Polish humor in Polanski’s “Pirates”

Roman Polanski’s 1986 movie “Pirates” is generally considered to be a great director’s least regarded film – the one that comes in dead last when his directorial output is ranked from best to worst. Having received some of the most razor-slashing and hostile reviews of any Polanski movie back in 1986, and being a box [...]

Wanted: “monogomous” couples for a possible reality show

It sounds like the kind of ad that gets listed by an eccentric – not to mention decidedly kinky – individual on one of those swinging singles websites: the tag line sums it up: “Are you in a monogamous relationship?” Okay, let’s say you are. What’s it to you? The ad comes not from an [...]

“Bloody Rabbit” explores the modern day rise in anti-Semitism

ORLANDO — The Great Recession brought terrible hardship to millions of people, and R.T. Robeson is no exception. The Orlando man thought he had it all by his late 40s, but the recession took everything he had — his job, his savings, his home, car, even his cat. As he struggles to find employment, he [...]

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