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“Murder Sleep” application headed for Orlando Fringe Festival

ORLANDO – Freeline Productions will file an application for the 2015 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Orlando-based Freeline is entering playwright Michael W. Freeman’s eerie thriller “Murder Sleep”, a variation of Shakespeare’s classic (and bloody) drama “Macbeth”. Applications are now available for the 24th annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. There is a $25 [...]

Ax the Tax founder is back, and speaking out

ORLANDO — If there’s one thing that never seems to change, Doug Guetzloe noted, it appears to be an insatiable appetite on the part of government leaders for tax hikes. It’s the kind of situation, he said, that requires a loud and vocal grassroots response. For those who wondered if he was still active in [...]

Rock Hard Revue is auditioning for hot new talent

ORLANDO – Those rock hard bods … are back. The all-male dance and show-off-what-ya-got act is heading back to Orlando in October, with performances at The Abbey and Firestone Live. Rock Hard Revue is returning to the local stage in what the production company is promising will be all-new performers, including a special Halloween tribute. [...]

“Bloody Rabbit” available on Kindle, Amazon

ORLANDO — Freeline Productions’ novel “Bloody Rabbit” is available to purchase as an eBook on Kindle or in paperback through The book by author Michael W. Freeman takes a disturbing, sometimes surreal, often hilarious look at how people cope following an economic crash, one that wipes away everything they own. Some people blame society [...]

Pets in the spotlight next Saturday, at Barktoberfest

ORLANDO – There are a lot of great causes, Dil Luther noted, but it’s also important to remember that there’s a special group in our society that remains highly vulnerable and simply cannot provide for themselves. They’re the homeless cats and dogs that wander the streets of Orlando, starving, often sickly, sometimes abused and injured [...]

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