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Freeline Media Review: “The History Boys”

ORLANDO — Irwin, a teacher at a boys’ grammar school in the north of England, initially comes onto the stage in a wheelchair – though for most of Alan Bennett’s play “The History Boys,” he has full use of his legs. So it makes perfect sense, then, that Irwin is a young history teacher, and [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Happily forgetting Charlie.

Driving through the busy streets of Orlando on a recent afternoon, dressed in long-sleeve business attire, I could feel the August heat and humidity in all of its punishing oppression, and was reminded once again of just how slowly the air conditioning works when you first start up a boiling hot car. Alas, my mood [...]

Freeline Media Review: “The Letters”

ORLANDO — At the opening of John W. Lowell’s suspenseful play “The Letters,” a young woman we later learn is named Anna walks into a small office, then sits down — and waits. And, for several more minutes, waits some more. She is tense, and nervous. She pulls out a cigarette and borrows a lighter [...]

Bringing together a GOAT, a Theatre Downtown, and Lady Day

ORLANDO — Paul Castaneda has a message for theater audiences in Central Florida: the GOAT is back, and in a big way, this fall. It starts in September, when the group known as the Greater Orlando Actors Theatre will produce an ambitious production that reintroduces audiences to one of the great legends of Jazz music [...]

“Bloody Rabbit” now available on Kindle

ORLANDO — Freeline Productions’ novel “Bloody Rabbit” has been released on Kindle and is available to download in eBook form. The book by author Michael W. Freeman takes a disturbing, sometimes surreal, often hilarious look at how people cope following an economic crash, one that wipes away everything they own. Some people blame society and [...]

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