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Freelining with Mike Freeman: Revisiting Rosemary’s Baby

So, what are we to make of the NBC TV Network decision to commit to a remake of the 1968 Roman Polanski movie “Rosemary’s Baby”? Should we follow the quick example many fans of the original had when NBC unveiled these plans — and simply roll our eyes? It’s true that Polanski’s film is considered [...]

Champagne lounge coming to downtown Orlando in February

ORLANDO — Downtown Orlando, already known for hosting a wide variety of specialized restaurants and nightclubs, is about to get even more diverse when it becomes the home to this region’s first champagne lounge. Within a month, the champagne corks are expected to be popping at Pagne Champagne Lounge, an establishment that plans to offer [...]

Freeline Media Review: Revisiting the 1960s through music

ORLANDO — Considering all of the ways to reflect back on the 1960s – the politics, the anti-war protests, the sexual revolution, the civil rights movement – it’s probably most often the cultural changes that seem to interest people, typically reflected in the music of that decade. In some ways, that music seems to sum [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Table Manners”

ORLANDO — Here’s a question for you: British humor. Does it naturally appeal to American audiences, or is the British approach to making us laugh – sarcastic one liners, a touch of self-deprecation, all delivered in a decidedly deadpan manner – a tougher sell beyond the shores of the United Kingdom? “Table Manners,” the comedy [...]

A shocking case of murder — or history being made?

ORLANDO — Rachel K. Wentz spent 13 years working as a paramedic for the Orlando Fire Department. In that time, she covered some of the area’s poorest neighborhoods, and saw some horrendous cases of violence, and some terrible injuries. “I worked in bad neighborhoods, I saw a lot of traumatic injuries,” she said. But that [...]

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