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Carjacking suspects fire a gun at a Poinciana man and his daughter.

POINCIANA — The normally quiet and laid-back community of Poinciana got a jolt this morning when a man waiting with his daughter at a school bus stop was confronted by two men at gunpoint. Now detectives with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office are asking for the public to call in any tips and information that [...]

From tougher child porn penalties to aid for the homeless, new laws are on the way in Florida.

TALLAHASSEE — If you’re disgusted by child pornography, think more should be done for the homeless, and worry about bullying, chances are you’re going to be pleased with the actions of the state Legislature in this past legislative session. In addition to adopting a budget for the next fiscal year, lawmakers also passed a slew [...]

Going viral? Welcome to Team USA Goes.

Orlando City Lions score a win and advance to the 4th round.

ORLANDO – At the very start, there was a white sheet being waved from the stands inside the Florida Citrus Bowl, but in this case it was hardly a symbolic waving of the white flag. Defeat, to be sure, was not what the fans had in mind when they raised the flag that contained the [...]

Man stabbed in Kissimmee after requesting a glass of water.

KISSIMMEE — It started, deputies would later report, with a knock on a door and a request for a glass of water. It ended with a man who got stabbed and left bleeding on the ground, in critical condition. It also led to the quick arrest of a suspect, Hector Ramos, who the Osceola County [...]

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