Thoughts on pet stains and more: advice from the cleaning pros.

Stephen R. Craig operates Pro Resort Housekeeping and helps the vacation home industry maintain its resorts in perfect condition.

KISSIMMEE – Stephen R. Craig spends quite a bit of time talking to people about pet stains. He also knows a thing or two about toilet paper – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
And he’s noticed an odd tendency that some people have, when they’re expecting guests to arrive, to put toilet paper on the roll – still wrapped up in paper. It makes no sense, Craig said, because your visitors don’t want to have to unwrap their toilet paper.
“I’ve never understood why people put wrapped toilet paper on a roll,” he said.
Craig talks about subjects like pet stains and toilet paper for good reason: he’s the president of Pro Resort Housekeeping, which provides house cleaning services to Central Florida’s thriving hospitality industry, including vacation homes.
And understanding what the absolute best products are for maintaining a vacation home, Craig said, can be a key aspect to keeping guests feeling happy and clean – and coming back.
“Nice little touches like this make a difference,” Craig said. “And the guests appreciate this.” Continue reading

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