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ATM robbery, or false reporting?

KISSIMMEE — It’s common for the local sheriff’s offices to get visits from area residents who say they’ve been victims of a crime, and want to file a report. It’s not as common that the person who asks to file the report ends up in jail. But as the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office noted this [...]

Historian shares a passion for the supernatural, the unexplained.

COCOA BEACH – There are plenty of different aspects to world history that a good historian can study, George Khoury said, and over the years many of his fellow historians have carved out careers exploring wars, presidents, and significant moments in our past. But for Khoury himself, a lot of his interests started not in [...]

Conservation group aims to inspire a new generation of preservationists.

TAVARES – It’s not easy, in a state known for rapid development, to be stewards of the environment, charged with finding ways to get residents to appreciate what remains of open space, and all it still has to offer. “Mostly nature is what we work with, and the outdoors,” said Peggy Belflower, chairman of the [...]

Lake County’s not-so-scary jail tour gets recognized by A&E.

TAVARES – For quite a while, Stephanie Glass said, it was about fear, and intimidation, and literally terrifying a child. Today, she said, that’s no longer the approach – and, as it turns out, she said, that’s for the best. The fear that she and other members of her staff hoped to instill into kids, [...]

High IQ society ponders the notion of world domination.

COCOA BEACH – There have been, throughout history, plenty of attempts to take over the world, Richard Manno noted. Whether one looks to the Bible, mythology or history for examples, there are plenty in all three, Manno said – starting with the attempt by the Devil to take over Heaven, only to be banished forever. [...]

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