ATM robbery, or false reporting?

Justin Voyles was arrested for filing a false report at Old Town.

KISSIMMEE — It’s common for the local sheriff’s offices to get visits from area residents who say they’ve been victims of a crime, and want to file a report.
It’s not as common that the person who asks to file the report ends up in jail.
But as the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office noted this week, if your story is full of holes, keep in mind that filing a false report is a serious issue.
On Oct. 27, Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Justin Wayne Voyles and charged him with filing a false report.
Around 11:56 p.m. that evening, deputies got a call from the Old Town theme park on U.S. 192 in Four Corners from a man who said he had just been robbed. When deputies met up with Voyles, he told them he had been at Old Town when two men came up to him and asked him if he wanted to buy an Ipad. Continue reading

Historian shares a passion for the supernatural, the unexplained.

Do you believe in haunted houses, historian George Khoury asks. If so, there are plenty of other Americans who agree with you, he added. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

COCOA BEACH – There are plenty of different aspects to world history that a good historian can study, George Khoury said, and over the years many of his fellow historians have carved out careers exploring wars, presidents, and significant moments in our past.
But for Khoury himself, a lot of his interests started not in a history class at school, but somewhere else: a movie theater, where as a child he found himself spellbound by the on-screen antics of two cinematic legends: Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
It was Karloff who created such memorable screen monsters as Frankenstein and the Mummy, Khoury noted, and Lugosi who gave Hollywood one of the screen’s earliest versions of the bloodsucker Dracula. Continue reading

Conservation group aims to inspire a new generation of preservationists.

Lake County’s natural beauty and its precious water resources are two things Peggy Belflower hopes to inspire young people to appreciate. (Photo by Steve Schwartz).’

TAVARES – It’s not easy, in a state known for rapid development, to be stewards of the environment, charged with finding ways to get residents to appreciate what remains of open space, and all it still has to offer.
“Mostly nature is what we work with, and the outdoors,” said Peggy Belflower, chairman of the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District. “We have farmers on our board who have a big interest in the land, and we work to further water conservation.”
The board members, elected by the residents of Lake County to their volunteer positions, do what they can to get area residents to appreciate water and conservation issues – including in the third week of January, around Florida Arbor Day, when they make hundreds of trees available for free to citizens.
“We have a tree giveaway here in Lake County, and we have a huge turnout,” she said. “Hundreds and hundreds of people show up for those trees.”
Continue reading

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