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Sister of murdered youth says her case, and the Trayvon Martin shooting, point to a failed justice system.

Vikki Hankins was watching television when she heard that haunting voice in the background, which literally grabbed at her. Since then, she’s joined thousands of others who have attended rallies in Sanford to protest the way the local police department has handled the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. “It took me a minute to determine [...]

Review: Deep fried Southern paradise at Homestyle Chicken N Fish.

HAINES CITY – As the nation’s current obsession with obesity and changing our eating patterns continues unabated, I wonder sometimes if we’re missing another aspect of this picture: namely, whether this well-intentioned public health and awareness campaign may be producing a casualty that deserves to stick around a lot longer: southern fried foods. If you’re [...]

Get Out and Vote campaign launched in Poinciana.

POINCIANA — Wendy Farrell admits that she’s the last person to be giving advice in Poinciana about getting to the polls, because as a native of England who is here on a business work visa, she can’t cast a ballot in any Florida elections. “Me, of all people, who can’t even vote,” she laughed. At [...]

Landscaping industry to learn about water conservation at upcoming training course.

TAVARES – Like a lot of industries that relied on the housing market’s success to bring in new business, the landscaping and nursing industry rode a wave when Central Florida’s home sales were booming. And not surprisingly, when the housing industry crashed in 2008, customers looking for products to beautify their lawn dried up as [...]

At Dave & Buster’s, it’s all about having fun.

ORLANDO – It took only a second for Julie DiStefano-Walker to see a boy looking upset about something, and she went right over to him and made it clear what she wanted. “Come on,” she said, “let me see you smile.” Smiling, after all, is a part of DiStefano-Walker’s central job – convincing people that [...]

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