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Snow in Florida? At Old Town, it’s just the start of a big holiday bash.

KISSIMMEE – Here’s a riddle: how do you take something old, that’s been around for a while, and make it new? According to Don Rousseau, the sales and marketing manager for Old Town, there’s a surefire recipe for doing that, and it starts with “Something New in the Air at Old Town.” “We’re trying to [...]

Wanted: private developer for a partnership with Osceola County, to get a new toll road built in Poinciana.

POINCIANA — Jeffrey Jones admits that Osceola County tried hard, very hard, to get out the message that as unpleasant as tax hikes may be, if it can lead to a major improvement in a community’s quality of life, it would be worth it. That was part of the county’s message last November, when Osceola [...]

Cutting hair for a good cause? At Nube Nove, it’s all about giving back.

ORLANDO – It was officially called the 2011 Cut-A-Thon, but unlike the average marathon, this event had nothing to do with speed. Nube Nove, the hair salon at 717 E. Washington St. in Thornton Park, has been hosting this special event for the past four years, but the hair stylists who take part in it [...]

Is a dog or cat a good Christmas gift? How about a Pawtificate as an alternative?

TAVARES – Gift certificates are a pretty simple concept, that serve a very useful purpose, as Marjorie Boyd noted: avoiding the embarrassment of buying someone a gift that the recipient either doesn’t want, or need, or have any use for. “You might think they need a towel set, but they might not want or need [...]

Looking to Disneyland for inspiration, can the highway around Walt Disney World become a major hospitality district?

FOUR CORNERS — It remains a study in contrasts: a highway with a brand new elementary school, newly built shopping plazas and successful resorts on one end, and on the other, closer to the county’s urban core, scores of abandoned and dilapidated properties. Figuring out a way to make the entire stretch of U.S. 192 [...]

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