Boeing brings jobs, Commercial Crew center to NASA.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – In a big boost for the economically ailing Space Coast, Boeing announced today that it would manufacture and test its Crew Space Transportation-100 spacecraft, and move its Commercial Crew program office, manufacturing and operations, to Kennedy Space Center. The deal sets up a long-range partnership between… Continue reading

A Halloween treat: the scary tricks inside the Enzian Theater’s Haunted Swamp.

MAITLAND – From the view in the parking lot, the Enzian Theater doesn’t look like it’s going to be a particularly scary place. Granted, the large outdoor screen in the open field near the theater’s Eden Bar was showing “Night of the Living Dead” on Saturday evening, director George Romero’s… Continue reading

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Not-so-irrational fears.

With Halloween coming up in two days, this might be a good time to ask: what scares you? Knowing I have a lot of pragmatic-minded friends, I can easily anticipate the sorts of answers I’m likely to get. “My tax bill.” “Obama’s re-election.” “My wife in 10 years.” “The scale… Continue reading

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