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Bye bye summer, perhaps, but goodbye to tourists? Not with the holidays on the way.

DAVENPORT – if there’s one thing to keep in mind about the Labor Day Weekend, it’s that this is the last big vacation hurrah for the summer, and then the kids go back to school, the parents go back to work, and the vacations and traveling are over. Well, in Central Florida, anyway …. not [...]

Fifty years later, “12 Angry Men” still packs a real punch, director says.

WINTER PARK – Sylvia Vicchiullo remembers exactly where she was – in a restaurant – when the news flashed across the television screen, and it seemed like everyone in the room froze. “It was almost like ‘Where were you when Kennedy was shot,’ “ she said. “Everyone got up and went to the television to [...]

They’re strong and green-friendly: welcome to College Hunks Hauling Junk.

ORLANDO — Johnny Ansari has known what it’s like to be a college hunk, available to remove your junk. “It’s hard, but you don’t need a gym membership,” he said. “I’ve been out on the truck, hauling, and then I worked in the call center, where I was the manager. It’s fun. I learn something [...]

For radio host Tom Joyner, a traditional family reunion and “Party with a Purpose” kicks off on Thursday.

KISSIMMEE – To Oscar Joyner, the key word is family. He may not have met you yet, but if you come to see him this weekend, consider yourself family … because that’s who Joyner is reaching out to. “We hope to show our African American community in Orlando that Tom Joyner and the partners he [...]

Business owner hopes to bring the first movie theater to Poinciana.

POINCIANA – Like a lot of other people, Luis F. Carrasquillo would like to see more services and entertainment brought to Poinciana. But he’s not just hoping that happens sometime in the distant future – he’s actually working hard to do something about it. “As of this time, I have been working on a project [...]

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