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Facing a non-violent offense, one convicted felon gives up his guns

ORLANDO — When Mark Schmidter got put in the Orange County Jail on a contempt of court charge, one of the first things he did was arrange to get rid of the guns he owns at his home. “I already had them taken out of my house,” Schmidter said. “I’m not taking a chance on [...]

From no-kill shelter to state prison, dogs are given a remarkable second chance.

RAIFORD — Izzy is still searching for a home, but so far hasn’t found one. She just spent two months in prison, and now needs a place to live. Major Kim Carman, the chief of security at the New River O-Unit state prison in Raiford, thinks Izzy has proven she deserves to be taken in [...]

From the Orange County Jail, political protestor Mark Schmidter says he plans to fight for free speech issues on appeal.

ORLANDO – When the chief judge of the Orange County Courthouse issued an administrative order banning people from distributing flyers to prospective jurors, Mark Schmidter responded, and stopped doing it. “I didn’t want to get arrested,” he said, then added, “like I did now.” Wearing a dark blue jail jumpsuit, and with an inmate identification [...]

New hospital CEO says national recognition reflects their ongoing success in patient care.

HAINES CITY – Don Breeding thinks there couldn’t be a more exciting time to be in the field of medicine. It helps as well to be working at a fast-growing hospital that just got national recognition. Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center just got named the top-ranking hospital in the Lakeland/Winter Haven metropolitan area in [...]

It’s never a drag to be at Banana’s … except, of course ….

ORLANDO – In the competitive world of new, start-up restaurants, finding something unique that draws in customers can be the difference between a thriving business — and closing your doors. At Banana’s, it’s not just the Eggs Benedict meals available all day, or the burgers and sandwiches that have made this restaurant on N. Mills [...]

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