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A true “speciality restaurant,” Primo offers Italian food and help to local farmers.

ORLANDO — Whenever Gilberto Ramirez gets ready to start cooking dinner, all he has to do is reach into his organic garden. “We grow a lot of things in our garden,” Ramirez said. “Basically, it’s to help out the planet.” The environmentally-conscious chef isn’t talking about the cooking he does at his home. The organic [...]

Tech Trends: Virtual servers for all sizes and customers.

Many have seen the Microsoft commercials lately that show some mom editing a family picture or the couple watching a movie remotely as they say, “to the cloud”. What does it really mean, and how can small business benefit from it? A web service that could be provided by your company with your own servers [...]

Council of Prison Locals calls for protective equipment for the safety of correctional officers in federal prisons.

The Council of Prison Locals , part of the American Federation of Government Employees, is calling for protective equipment to heighten correctional officer safety in the Bureau of Prisons. As we all know, the U.S. has an increasing prison population — in particular within the federal prison system. Though the country is facing steep federal [...]

Petition calls on Osceola School Board members to act like adults, not children.

POINCIANA – In the field of education, children are sometimes called on to stop being childish, and start acting more like adults. But what happens if the target of that kind of criticism isn’t children at all, and there’s a petition circulating calling on the adults – specifically, the members of the Osceola county School [...]

Barbeque to eat, music to listen to, and a tax plan to ponder at the Keep Your Whole Paycheck BBQ.

SANFORD – On June 12, there’s going to be a barbeque held in Sanford, along with plenty of entertainment. “We’re going to have two bands there for some variation, a really neat magician doing card tricks, and we’re going to have a raffle with a money tree hung with lottery coupons, so somebody could win [...]

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