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Breakthrough Theatre gears up for classics, a lost Broadway musical, and a summer camp for kids.

WINTER PARK — Wade Hair spent 13 years teaching in the public schools, starting as an English teacher. In his last few years, he became a high school drama teacher. In those four years – two at Ocoee High School and two at Wekiva High – there was a long list of plays he longed [...]

Network needed for returning soliders, supporters say.

ORLANDO – Calling it an issue of patriotism, not politics, Doug Guetzloe is encouraging his listeners on The Guetzloe Report radio program to establish a network of people involved in welcoming troops serving in the military overseas when they come back to Central Florida. “I think we really need to establish a network to get [...]

Area lawmakers, pressured to create jobs, struggle with high speed rail issue.

APOPKA – When U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Florida, met with a group of Tea Party activists in Apopka on Saturday, she promised to work on the stubbornly high unemployment rate facing both the nation, at 9 percent, and Florida at an even higher 12 percent rate. “We are working on legislation to create jobs,” Adams [...]

Congresswoman Sandy Adams says budget cuts, yes, NASA cuts, no.

APOPKA – Attending a town hall meeting hosted by the East Side Tea Party, U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Florida, blasted record budget deficits in Washington and promised to work hard to cut federal spending. “We’re more than a record $14 trillion in debt,” Adams said. “We’re set to hit a $1.6 trillion deficit this year. [...]

Organizer of a homecoming for the Marines says their return was “electric.”

ORLANDO – The email went out on Thursday night, and in just a few words managed to capture the excitement that was building for the people waiting near Tradeport Drive. “Hot off the phone lines,” it started. “They are currently 132 miles north of Jacksonville now – as of 4:30 p.m.” Sent out to a [...]

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