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Orlando P.D. is on the hunt for residential burglary suspects armed with a machete.

ORLANDO – Orlando police are hunting for two black or Hispanic men who broke into a home in Delaney Park armed with a machete, then fled on foot after one the home’s occupants fired a gun at them. It happened shortly after 1 p.m. today at a house on Phillips Place, a dead end street [...]

Poll asks Freeline Media Orlando readers to select the outstanding citizen of 2011.

ORLANDO – Heading into the new year, Greater Orlando seems to be at a crossroads. Unemployment remains stuck at double digits. Will this be another year of job losses, or will the region’s once red-hot economic engine come out of its slumber and rev up again? The local housing market remains in weak condition, with [...]

Strong lead actress, fellow cast members bring Broadway’s “Aida” to life in Orlando.

ORLANDO – It could be just an odd coincidence – perhaps not – that months after the Greater Orlando Actors Theatre decided to produce the Elton John-Tim Rice musical “Aida,” the opening weekend would coincide with an explosion of civil unrest and violence in the very place where the play is set. It’s been estimated that [...]

Small government activist aims to educate jurors about their rights.

ORLANDO – Most people don’t realize this, Mark Schmidter said, but on a regular basis, they commit plenty of crimes. “Everybody commits three felonies a day and just doesn’t know it,” said Schmidter, a roofing contractor.  “Most of us are not claiming money on their incomes tax, which is a felony.  Let’s say you hire [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: on convicted felons and guns.

It was a fairly simple question, and I suspect the person asking it had been anticipating a clear, painfully obvious answer. “Should convicted felons be able to own guns?” He said it in a way that suggested it was one of those “Well, duhhh” questions, particularly after the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, which heightened public [...]

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