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Driving while intoxicated is dangerous, but how about driving while buzzed?

TAVARES – Everybody knows highway patrols will be out in force tonight to crack down on motorists who take the risk and decide to operate under the influence. That’s always an increased risk on a holiday night when people are out drinking and partying to welcome in the new year. What some driverse may not realize is that if [...]

Will Hyperion Wharf save Pleasure Island or make it more ordinary? The debate is on.


LAKE BUENA VISTA – Walt Disney World calls it “re-imagined”: the theme park giant’s plans for the nightclub area built in 1989 to provide more fun for adults, but that’s gone through some extensive changes in the past two decades. Last month, Disney announced that work was about to begin on a revamped Pleasure Island [...]

Is it art or just scratching? Living Canvas aims to set a higher standard for the tattoo industry


FOUR CORNERS – Malcolm Arnott can remember the seemingly epic struggle he faced when he first wanted to open a tattoo shop more than a year ago. The search for a good location in one of Central Florida’s numerous shopping plazas wasn’t easy – and that wasn’t because there was no office space to rent. The [...]

Intimate setting or a wild party: take your pick at the Funky Monkey Wine Bar on New Year’s Eve.

ORLANDO – It’s a quiet environment, with dim lighting that creates the ideal spot for a romantic dinner between two that ends with a champagne toast at midnight …. No, it’s a wild night, with flashy production numbers, music and dacning – almost like something out of Vegas … Since the Funky Monkey Wine Company has two [...]

Simple steps to avoid a holiday meal becoming a health care disaster


TAVARES – It’s that timeless holiday tradition: the enormous meal cooked for the entire family, for relatives you haven’t seen all years, for whoever they bring along, old and new faces alike. When it comes to a family gathering for the holidays, the festively decorated dinner table awaits everyone. Good news for the family. Good news for [...]

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