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Orange County commissioners target ‘Pill Mills’

ORLANDO – Dr. Jan Garavaglia has seen a lot of deaths by accidental overdose in her position as Orange County’s medical examiner, but what’s starting to change is what the victims are overdosing on. “Usually what we see in Orange County are the heroin and cocaine deaths,” said Garavaglia. Today, though, more people are being [...]

Words take on evolving meanings, Mensa board member says


COCOA BEACH – Words are supposed to be clear and obvious, and so are the laws that guide society. But these days, how we use words – and, likewise, how we interpret the law – can be very ambiguous and open to wide interpretation. Or, as Mel Dahl noted, “It depends on what the meaning [...]

A true Peter Pan

ODESS, TEXAS – Peter Pan spoke about never growing up. And apparently some take that a little too far. Consider the case of one “kid” from Florida who really didn’t want to grow up. Starting in February 2009, a 22-year-old named Guerdich Montimere started posing as a 15-year-old high schooler named “Jerry Joseph.” Why? In [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Depressed at 44

According to researchers, I should be miserable right now. This should be the low point of my life. Not because of a study on where I live, what my occupation is, how badly my hairline has receded. No, this study says the problem is my age. The good news, though: I’ll get happier as I [...]

Rose Society compares “Old Garden” to modern roses

Samples of Old Garden Roses were on display during the meeting of the Orlando Area Historical Rose Society.

ORLANDO – Some things just naturally improve with age, like fine wine, while other things, like most cars, take on wear and tear. And while some people may not realize this, one type of plant clearly falls into the category of things that stand the test of time. “Some one said to me recently if [...]

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