Man faces battery charge after deputies say girlfriend insulted his manhood.

Tyler Marshall is accused of biting his girlfriend after she told him his penis is small.

BRADENTON – A 21-year-old Bradenton man spent a night in jail after the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said he bit his girlfriend on the tip of her nose after she complained that his penis is small.
Tyler Christopher Marshall, of Bradenton, was arrested by Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies on Monday, Nov. 19 and charged with battery. He was released the next day on $2,500 bond.
Marshall, who is listed in the Manatee County Jail inmate search as being 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, landed in jail at the start of Thanksgiving week due to an incident that happened a week earlier, on Tuesday Nov. 13, and reported to the sheriff’s office by the woman Marshall had been dating.
According to the probable cause arrest report, the victim, Brittany Siler, was in a dog park with Marshall when they began arguing, she insulted the length of his penis, and he bit her nose, as well as slapping and kicking Siler.
According to the report, Siler told deputies that she and Marshall were dating and living together. But they appear to have had a rather tumultuous relationship, since Siler told deputies that they had been asked to leave the home they were living at “because of their arguments,” the report states. Continue reading

National attention focused on the risks of “Whip-It” highs.

Are Whip It containers safe products used for making whipped cream at home ... or something far more lethal? (Photo by Michael Freeman).

According to the web site Creamright, it’s a product that you can use to make whipped cream in your own home.
But a new report on ABC News is warning that these so-called “Whip-It” chargers, which are filled with nitrous oxide, are actually being used by people to get an artificial high – sometimes with dangerous results.
The report by ABC News, which aired Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America,” notes that these metal cylinders have become a popular recreational inhalant.
The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration in Maryland has even issued a report on the use of “Whip-It” inhalants, noting that “nitrous oxide is used as a propellant for whipped cream and is available in 2-inch tapered cylinders called ‘whippits’ that are used to pressurize home whipped-cream charging bottles.”
But not that many people appear to be using it to cook with, the agency reports.
Teens often spray the nitrous oxide into a balloon, then inhale it, getting a temporary high. Continue reading

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