TV Talk: Revisiting “The Sixties”

CNN's series "The Sixties" is a ten-part documentary focusing on the 1960s.

CNN’s series “The Sixties” is a ten-part documentary focusing on the that turbulent decade.

It’s easy in this hyperpartisan age to watch the political talk shows on cable and get the impression that our nation is savagely, hopelessly divided.
Fox News commentators rail against the latest foibles of the Obama administration, while MSNBC liberals decry the do-nothing Republican-controlled House of Representatives or plans to impeach President Obama. There are so many angry voices screaming back and forth on both sides that it paints the picture of a nation coming apart.
Fortunately, it’s taken CNN to offer a different concept, namely that the country appears far more united today than in past decades. This comes not through CNN’s coverage of Obamacare, the 2014 congressional elections or President Obama’s foreign policy, but rather through something else: the network’s excellent ongoing series “The Sixties”. Continue reading

TV Talk: The horrors of “Rosemary’s Baby,” the miniseries

The first part of "Rosemary's Baby" the miniseries premiered on Mother's Day.

The first part of “Rosemary’s Baby” the miniseries premiered on Mother’s Day.

“Rosemary’s Baby,” the NBC TV miniseries that premiered on Mother’s Day and concludes on Thursday (no waiting for Father’s Day for part two?), noted in the opening credits that the program was based on two novels by the late Ira Levin, “Rosemary’s Baby” and its sequel, “Son Of Rosemary.”
But if you’ve read both books, as I have, you sure wouldn’t know it.
Unlike the classic 1968 movie by Roman Polanski, which followed the book almost word for word, the miniseries scripted by James Wong and Scott Abbott adopts only the barest bones of Levin’s writing, namely that a young couple get seduced by an older couple who turn out to be big fans of Satan, and are in the market for a surrogate mother for the devil to produce his offspring. Continue reading

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