Some thoughts on ghosts in historic places

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and Museum is at 92 Second St. in downtown Fall River. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

On Oct. 11, 1998, I started writing a diary. I continued adding to it until Oct. 10, 2002.
At the time, I was living in a beautiful and historic Colonial house in Swansea, Massachusetts, built in 1889, and located on a pond.
I stopped adding to the diary only because I knew that in April 2002, I would be moving to Orlando, following the lead that my sister and her family made in 1999. I had sold the Colonial and was packing up to say goodbye to Massachusetts, the state I was born in.
The diary was not a daily recollection of my job, home life, family, or private thoughts about world events. I started writing it, sporadically, for a very different reason: I had come to conclude that the house was haunted, so I began writing down the eerie, spooky incidents happening inside those walls.
Pictures falling off a wall, even though they were securely attached to a nail. Loud banging in our basement, with no indication of what it was when we went to investigate. One of my cats staring down a dark hallway, and suddenly all the fur on her back standing up — and there’s nothing there. This happened over and over again.
The house, by the way, was right across the street from a graveyard.
Check out this entry from Thursday, Feb. 17, 2000: Continue reading

As holidays arrive, the world of the vacation home paradise awaits

An Flamand runs USA Vacation Homes & Spa, which has a few homes available for the holiday travel season.

An Flamand runs USA Vacation Homes & Spa, which has a few homes available for the holiday travel season.

DAVENPORT — With the arrival of the holiday season, Central Florida’s tourism and hospitality industries are shifting into high gear. From tropical weather in the dead of winter to some of the world’s best known theme park attractions, the Orlando area can always demonstrate every December why so many want to vacation here.
For a lot of northern families and international visitors now looking to book a holiday vacation here, there are a wide assortment of hotels and motels to pick from in this region. But there are also likely to be families that don’t really like the idea of cramming everyone into a single hotel room for a week or more.
What some of them may not know is there’s another option.
And as it turns out, the concept is growing very quickly in popularity, noted An Flamand, the owner of USA Vacation Homes & Spa.
“We are starting to book up pretty well for the holiday season,” she said. Continue reading

Say farewell to Clyde and Seamore at SeaWorld

Sunday is the final day for SeaWorld's Clyde and Seamore show.

Sunday is the final day for SeaWorld’s Clyde and Seamore show.

ORLANDO – There’s some history being made this weekend — and soon to be instant nostalgia — at SeaWorld Orlando.
Sunday is when the theme park giant’s guests can show up wearing red pirate bandanas one final time, as they check out something special: the last shows of Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island.
It’s been 15 years since SeaWorld Orlando first started the Clyde and Seamore show, but now it’s moving on to make room for renovations work and, in 2015, some new shows. So on Sunday, as SeaWorld noted, Clyde and Seamore “sails into the sunset.”
Anyone who loves this show, and those who have never seen it, keep in mind that Clyde and Seamore’s final show is Sunday, Aug. 10. Continue reading

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