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Top tips for staying cool in Orlando’s summer heat

ORLANDO – For a lot of Central Florida residents, the cry-out-loud words in the past few days has probably been, “Where’s the rain?” Summer is the wet season in Central Florida, when the heat and humidity builds up throughout the morning, until massive downpours sweep across the region during the afternoon and late evening. And [...]

Universal Orlando developing plenty of new attractions

ORLANDO – If summer marks the height of the tourist season for Central Florida’s hospitality industry, it can also mark a time when theme parks are eager to roll out new rides and attractions to keep their appeal fresh to visitors. That’s particularly true at Universal Studios, which is hoping a volcano in the Pacific, [...]

World Travel Council predicts Orlando tourism will rebound from Pulse massacre

ORLANDO — For a region that likes to bill itself as “the happiest place on Earth,” three shocking and tragic incidents over the course of a few days brought round-the-clock international coverage to the Orlando area – and not in the way the city wanted. But it’s not yet clear if these incidents — which [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Nine”

ORLANDO — As she stands over the woman kneeling close by her, the first thing you notice is the strength and authority in the woman’s voice. There’s a great deal of compassion as well. The woman nearby looks totally devastating, but rather than trying to quietly console her, to be empathetic to her pain, to [...]

Some thoughts on ghosts in historic places

On Oct. 11, 1998, I started writing a diary. I continued adding to it until Oct. 10, 2002. At the time, I was living in a beautiful and historic Colonial house in Swansea, Massachusetts, built in 1889, and located on a pond. I stopped adding to the diary only because I knew that in April [...]

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