“Phantasmagoria” is back for more eerie Halloween tales of terror

ORLANDO — Phantasmagoria. If you hear that word in Orlando, it’s likely to mean something special, something unique, to a whole lot of city residents. And the first thing they’re likely to note in their minds is that it must be Halloween season. “Phantasmagoria” is the long-running series of theatrical… Continue reading

A dark and powerful “Man of La Mancha” comes to Orlando Shakes

ORLANDO – Davis Gaines cuts a truly commanding presence as Cervantes, the tax collector, playwright and dreamer in the legendary Broadway show “Man of La Mancha,” now being performed at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, that he’s thrilling ever moment he’s on stage. Gaines has a marvelously towering voice from the… Continue reading

“Life Could Be a Dream” takes a harmonious trip back to a more innocent era

WINTER PARK — When someone mentions the 1960s, most people are likely to recall a highly turbulent era, especially in the latter years. Political assassinations, anti-war protests, and the flower child movement all rocked the nation from 1967 until the 1970s arrived, and it was a time when it felt… Continue reading

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