From community theater in South Florida to the gay baths in Orlando, Janine Klein is ready to be a “Gay Bar Star” once again.

ORLANDO – Janine Klein has always felt a strong kinship with two things: theater, and the gay community. The fact that those two entities often seem intricately linked helps quite a bit. “As a kid I grew up with theater parents,” said the native of West Palm Beach. “My father… Continue reading

In tough economic times, Comedy Buffet aims to help us laugh and forget our troubles.

WINTER HAVEN — No matter how rough the economy gets, no matter how unhappy people are about the slumping housing market or the high unemployment rate, there’s one thing everybody continuously needs, says David Smith. “Everybody needs to laugh,” he said. “It’s an old cliche that laughter is the best… Continue reading

“Media” tackles the shrinking world we live in, courtesy of the Internet and cable TV.

ORLANDO – Tod Kimbro’s new musical “Media” glides across three communities, following what at first seems like three totally unrelated stories. There’s the couple in South Carolina who are former reality TV show stars. But these days they’ve got too much grim reality on their hands – they’re in a… Continue reading

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