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Some thoughts on ghosts in historic places

On Oct. 11, 1998, I started writing a diary. I continued adding to it until Oct. 10, 2002. At the time, I was living in a beautiful and historic Colonial house in Swansea, Massachusetts, built in 1889, and located on a pond. I stopped adding to the diary only because I knew that in April [...]

Freeline Media Review: The “It’s a Wonderful Life” revival

There’s no small irony in the fact that when the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” premiered on Dec. 20, 1946, it drew mixed reviews, did not do particularly well at the box office, and would lose the Best Picture Academy Award to “The Best Years of Our Lives.” That, in Hollywood’s view, is a movie [...]

Intro to Buddhism: No war, eat what you like, and pain is inevitable.

CLEARWATER – Bill Melms was raised as a Protestant, but as a teen, he didn’t stick with the faith. He eventually got to the point where he started to question aspects of the church’s teachings. “When I got old enough to think for myself, I had one of those ‘Now wait a minute ….’ moments, [...]

Religion series puts the spotlight on Sikhism.

MAITLAND — If Jasbir Bhatia knows one thing about his religion, it’s that Sikhism is very challenging for many — to pronounce. “It is difficult to pronounce,” Bhatia said. “Some call it shiek, shake, sick, six.” It’s also not very well known in the United States, he added, even though there are actually 23 million [...]

The nature of Christianity today.

MAITLAND – Rev. Bryan Fulweider is well aware that some people view Christians and the entire Christian faith as one solid, monolithic group, united in a clear concept of spirituality and the meaning of the Bible. Nothing, he added, could be further from the truth. Christianity has historically been about splits, he noted – people [...]

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