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A summer spent in the oyster beds

ORLANDO — In Central Florida, there are plenty of ways to spend the summer: at the beach, taking in the theme parks, or hitting the golf course. Linda Walters is looking for folks to spend their summer days in another way: visiting some of the region’s most spectacularly beautiful outdoor parks, and checking out the [...]

At picturesque Lake Eola, it’s Movieola time

ORLANDO — Lake Eola Park has long been considered one of the jewels of downtown Orlando, a place that offers boat rides on the lake, an evening light show set to music, restaurants for dining by the water, and special events like the Downtown Food & Wine Fest in February. Now the city in trying [...]

Wildlife hike on Friday shows Lake County’s natural beauty, thanks to preservation efforts.

PAISLEY – When park rangers like Gallus Quigley tell area residents they have an opportunity to “go wild” on Friday, it’s not quite in the same way as hitting the nightclubs in downtown Orlando late in the evening. But he does hope that the experience of participating in Friday’s wildlife hike is even better. “We’re [...]

Orlando launches “Only Rain Down the Drain.”

ORLANDO – On a very blustery day, Clary Powell wasn’t particularly concerned about either the strong winds or the cool temperatures. Standing before a group of middle school students, she seemed more interested in rain. That was the case, despite the fact that there was no rain coming down, and not a cloud in the [...]

Bears seen trashing around in Poinciana.

POINCIANA – In a growing community like Poinciana, the sheriff’s office may have to deal with a variety of matters, from car accidents to home break-ins. What happens less often, said Donna Wood, is what occurred on Sunday, Oct. 7, when Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies got two calls about something rather unique: black bear [...]

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