Freeline Media Review: “Jekyll & Hyde The Musical”

Greater Orlando Actors' Theatre is now producing "Jekyll & Hyde the Musical."

Greater Orlando Actors’ Theatre is now producing “Jekyll & Hyde the Musical.”

ORLANDO — Legend has it that after Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his first draft of what would become his classic novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,” based on a nightmare he’d had, his wife thought it was so shocking that she urged him to burn the manuscript.
Fortunately, Stevenson was inspired to write a second draft, which would become the short story published in 1886. The concept of the dual personalities within all of us — one harboring our civil and gentle nature, the other our attraction to evil — has never stopped drawing in audiences and inspiring future artists. The novella has inspired adaptations in the fields of movies, television, radio, comic books, rock songs, and even sequels in other novels. The kindly Dr. Jekyll and the wicked Mr. Hyde have an enduring ability to keep us fascinated and entertained.
If there have been far too many movie adaptations to count, there have actually been a fairly lengthy number of stage adaptations as well — starting in 1887 with a theatrical version that opened in Boston by writer Thomas Russell Sullivan, which went on to tour Britain for 20 years. Continue reading

“Jekyll and Hyde” are back on stage in Orlando

The GOAT production of "Jekyll and hyde The Musical" opens tonight in Orlando.

The GOAT production of “Jekyll and hyde The Musical” opens tonight in Orlando.

ORLANDO — It was seven years ago that an up and coming theatrical troupe with its own brand new space rocked the boards with its production of “Jekyll and Hyde.”
Now, seven years later they are back, a well established Central Florida theater, and they are ready to bring this musical work back in all its glory.
From tonight through Sept. 25, the Central Florida Community Arts Theatre Stage will play host to Greater Orlando Actors Theatre’s fully realized production of the Frank Wildhorn, Leslie Bricusse and Steve Cuden hit musical “Jekyll and Hyde” – a show that has mesmerized audiences the world over since it premiered in Texas in 1990.
After its initial run, there was a five year hiatus, before it played other regional theaters, had its own national tour, and eventually opened on Broadway in 1997. Continue reading

Freeline Media Review: “I Love My Wife”

The Winter Park Playhouse has revived the 1977 musical "I Love My Wife."

The Winter Park Playhouse has revived the 1977 musical “I Love My Wife.”

WINTER PARK — It’s the holiday season during the opening of the musical “I Love My Wife,” and Monica is excited. She’s
gearing up to finish her shopping, but decides to take a break at a local café. That’s where she bumps into her friend Alvin. In fact, Monica and her husband Wally are so close to Alvin and his wife Cleo that they plan to spend Christmas Eve together, with Monica serving up a big turkey dinner.
But it’s also in that café that Alvin notices Monica is reading a magazine — and, more importantly, she’s taking a sex quiz to learn more about her attitudes on that racy subject. Alvin, who harbors a secret crush on Monica, is intrigued. But his curiosity is really piqued later when Wally shows up, and expresses no concern whatsoever about Monica taking a sex quiz. In fact, Wally notes, he and Monica are free to date whoever they want, no strings attached, and Wally himself brags about how he once lived in a commune with two women. He encourages his pal Alvin to consider doing a bit of swinging himself, by encouraging his wife to consider having a three way with another woman.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the musical is set in Trenton, N.J. in the 1970s, the post-60s era when people began to shed traditional social values that had started to feel constricting and antiquated, and were ready to explore. Alvin heads home, and finally works up the courage to ask Cleo to consider having a three-way. At first she seems horrified — then warms to the idea. Wouldn’t it be exciting, she suggests, if they had a sexy three-way — with another man?
Alvin is not pleased. Continue reading

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