Military history museum sponsors a very special tournament.

The Museum of Military History on U.S. 192 is hosting a special golf tournament in November. (Photo by Dave Raith).

FOUR CORNERS – Throughout history, there’s been a friendly, if often fiercely competitive, rivalry between the branches of the military, to demonstrate which one was the toughest, fittest and best trained.
It’s a rivalry that Dick Hatch hopes will play out more visibly next month – not on a military base or at a fitness boot camp, but rather at a very different setting entirely – the golf course at Kissimmee’s Remington Country Club.
“The branches throughout history had a little bit of competition on who is the best, and we are capitalizing on it,” Hatch said.
The idea: a golf tournament that also serves to help support an interesting cause, an attraction on U.S. 192 in Four Corners that chronicles and preserves military history for each generation to see and learn more about.
“We’re encouraging people to come out and support the museum — and get introduced to it,” Hatch said. Continue reading

Overcoming the health risks of serving in the Military.

Serving in the Armed Forces can be a very rewarding experience — but it’s important to understand the health risks, Freeline Media contributor Emily Walsh points out. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

Editor’s Note: Emily Walsh is a Community Outreach Blogger for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance who currently writes about various veteran and military health topics. She wrote this guest column about the health risks facing those in the Armed Services for Freeline Media.

Military service is an extremely challenging environment — with many rewards. Many of those in the service find themselves serving in parts of the world where life-threatening hazards are found. Obviously, losing one’s life in combat is the greatest threat in any military.
In reality, though, some of the most significant threats to our brave men and women are not so visible.
Let’s examine a few of these health risks:
* Stress
Stress is a good example of an unseen threat in the military. In the short term, stress is not a major hazard. In fact, it actually can help lend a greater sense of awareness in stressful situations. Continue reading

Orlando takes a moment to remember prisoners of war.

The city of Orlando held a POW-MIA Recognition Ceremony at City Hall on Friday, hosted by the Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

ORLANDO – Thomas A. Janke can remember so vividly the night of July 20, 1969, the day an American astronaut first landed on the moon.
What he remembers so strongly about that history-making night is where he was at the time it was happening. Janke was serving in the United States Army, as a soldier in the midst of the Vietnam War.
“That very same night, I was hiding in a ditch,” Janke said. In the pitch dark on a dirt road in Vietnam, he can recall being “alone and running into the night, saying ‘Let me not shoot a friend.’ “
Standing before a large crowd in the Rotunda at Orlando City, Janke said he often wonders how history could create some sharply contrasting scenes at the same time – a highly controversial war that deeply divided a nation, and a mission into space that united the country in celebrating such a remarkable achievement.
He recalled a letter that his then-young son sent to him while he was serving in Vietnam, in which the boy simply asked, “Who’s winning?” Looking back at that question today, Janke said, and the answer is now obvious.
“We are,” Janke said. “America is winning because of the men and women who serve us.” Continue reading

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