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Orlando veteran’s park pays lasting tribute to fallen soldiers.

ORLANDO – It’s a quiet oasis in a major metropolitan area — and a very sobering spot as well. The natural beauty offered there is instantly inviting. There are moss trees all around, and along the lake are pedestrian sidewalks and bike paths. A bit further from the lake is a gazebo to relax in. [...]

Military museum looks back at Florida’s unique role in WWII.

FOUR CORNERS – It comes as a real eye-opener for many families, Rob Dent noted, as they learn something remarkable about Florida’s role in the Second World War. While the Sunshine State did provide a lot of soldiers to fight in the war in Europe, Florida also provided something else: prisoner of war camps for [...]

Wreath ceremony honors fallen heroes of past wars.

ORLANDO – Across the green field, there were flags flying, and on the ground, wreaths waiting to be placed somewhere. There was a strong feeling of patriotism at the event, as veterans joined with active duty personnel representing every branch of the Armed Services. There was also something else clearly in sight, though: the graves [...]

Military history museum sponsors a very special tournament.

FOUR CORNERS – Throughout history, there’s been a friendly, if often fiercely competitive, rivalry between the branches of the military, to demonstrate which one was the toughest, fittest and best trained. It’s a rivalry that Dick Hatch hopes will play out more visibly next month – not on a military base or at a fitness [...]

Overcoming the health risks of serving in the Military.

Editor’s Note: Emily Walsh is a Community Outreach Blogger for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance who currently writes about various veteran and military health topics. She wrote this guest column about the health risks facing those in the Armed Services for Freeline Media. Military service is an extremely challenging environment — with many rewards. Many of [...]

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