Internet Safety in the age of Cyber Terrorism

How do you protect yourself today when so much of your life exists on your laptop?

ORLANDO — One of the top news stories today? Was Russia responsible for hacking leading Democrats’ emails during the 2016 presidential election.
U.S. intelligence has concluded that the hacks were part of an effort to discredit the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, using fake news on social media and releasing hacked emails through WikiLeaks.
Another big news story: Congress voted to nullify the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband privacy rules, which critics say will allow Internet service providers to sell your individual browsing history to third parties.
Both of these headlines illustrate the quirky, potentially dangerous world we all live in now, where cyperspace, social media and even news headlines can become weapons — and how our laptops, smartphones, and tablets have gone from vital tools to potentially ticking time bombs.
So in this age when so much of our lives — our personal information, our banking records, etc., is tied to our laptops, how do we protect ourselves? Continue reading

“The New Boarder,” a man on the run from … what?

“The New Boarder” is available from Freeline Productions.

ORLANDO — “The New Boarder” is a terrifying look at one man’s desperate attempt to escape from …. what? It’s not at all clear why Janus Mehlich is hiding in a small boarding house, terrified he’s going to get caught.
The novel by author Michael W. Freeman is available through Freeline Productions.

What’s It About?
Late one night, 30-year-old Janus breaks into a panic, throws his belongings into a suitcase and flees his apartment. After driving for several hours, he abandons his car in a wooded area and rents a small furnished room in a boarding house. His escape has begun.
This story reverses the traditional formula of the mystery novel, which typically reveals a shocking crime and then starts the hunt for a suspect. In “The New Boarder,” the reader knows who the suspect is, but has no idea what Janus has done.
As Janus hunts down local newspapers to see if there are any news reports about a possible law enforcement search to find him, the events in that quaint small town he’s hiding out in take on a strange, unpredictable twist. Continue reading

Social Media creates a boost for Networking

Finding places to network with others is a good start.

ORLANDO — Ask yourself this: is networking something you actually enjoy, or a part of the business world you feel obligated to take part in?
Truth is, networking remains a critical tool for marketing your business — and it’s gotten easier in the age of social media.
Without a doubt, social media now provides businesses with remarkable tools for reaching new and vast audiences. But don’t let anyone tell you networking is too old-fashioned to work anymore. It remains a potent tool when it comes to marketing.
Best of all, it shares the same benefit as posting something about your company on a social media account: it’s free! There are also a lot of opportunities to network in most major cities, including Orlando, and you can check out sites like Meet Up to learn more.
So it comes down to this: how much you hope to gain from networking really depends on how much time and shoe leather you want to put into it. Continue reading

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