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Clean Beauty Bar praised as a great addition to Park Avenue

WINTER PARK — Clean Beauty Bar celebrated its grand opening last week, and has already been hailed by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce as a great new addition to the very popular Park Avenue, and by city leaders as a terrific new business. Clean Beauty Bar, the only organic and natural day spa and [...]

Clean Beauty Bar to host grand opening celebration on Nov. 3

WINTER PARK — Park Avenue will be the scene of a spectacular grand opening celebration, courtesy of a can’t-miss event that promises to literally be a real “beauty.” On Thursday, Nov. 3, Clean Beauty Bar, the only organic and natural day spa and boutique on Park Avenue, is inviting the public to join them for [...]

Boutique spa makes a “Clean” break from the competition

WINTER PARK — Sometimes a single common, everyday word can go a long way toward projecting what a business is all about. Think of the market with “fresh” in its title, the restaurant that uses “elegant” as part of its name, and so on. The same is true for a lot of boutiques and spas, [...]

As summer heat soars, so does electric usage

ORLANDO – The temperatures are not the only thing that have been rising in the past week, as those numbers hit the mid-to-upper 90s, and even clocked in at 100 degrees on Friday. The soaring heat index also means more people cranking up their air conditioners — and electric usage is soaring as well. Utility [...]

Are straight men stingier than gays when it comes to dating?

ORLANDO — An online dating site has some advice for gay men looking to get into the dating world: if you want to find a special guy who will truly make your first date a night to remember, consider looking for guys in Minneapolis or Orlando. According to a new study by, those are [...]

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