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As summer heat soars, so does electric usage

ORLANDO – The temperatures are not the only thing that have been rising in the past week, as those numbers hit the mid-to-upper 90s, and even clocked in at 100 degrees on Friday. The soaring heat index also means more people cranking up their air conditioners — and electric usage is soaring as well. Utility [...]

Are straight men stingier than gays when it comes to dating?

ORLANDO — An online dating site has some advice for gay men looking to get into the dating world: if you want to find a special guy who will truly make your first date a night to remember, consider looking for guys in Minneapolis or Orlando. According to a new study by, those are [...]

As summer approaches, a lifesaving issue arises

ROCKLEDGE – Summer. According to the calendar, it doesn’t officially start until June 21, although in the minds of many Americans, it really kicks off over the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. For Central Florida residents, it may seem like the heat of summer is already here, and for many of them, a weekend spent in [...]

Governor calls for restrictions on some international flights to battle Ebola

ORLANDO — Florida remains one of the nation’s top tourist destinations, and Central Florida and the city of Orlando have experienced record-breaking years recently for tourism. But as an international destination, there’s growing concern about the potential risk here for the possible arrival of visitors from Liberia and other African nations who could potentially be [...]

Pass the veggies, please, at the Veg Fest

ORLANDO – Cookouts on the grill with sizzling burgers, steaks and hot dogs, outdoor events featuring plenty of beef products …. Sigh. What’s a veggie lover to do? One possibility is to set aside Saturday, Oct. 25, make a trip to Orlando Festival Park, and revel in the largest vegetarian festival in the South – [...]

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