British business owners struggle to overcome barriers to permanent residence.

British business owners in Central Florida say they’re frustrated because they don’t qualify for a green card. (Photo by Steve Schwartz).

ORLANDO – British business owners who are running a successful company in Central Florida, which contributes to creating jobs and helping the local economy, never cease to feel frustrated, Lisa Khan said, that this country won’t make it easy for them to become permanent residents.
It’s frustrating, all right, Kahn said – but the situation isn’t likely to change until Congress changes it, she added.
“We’re still plugging away and still lobbying Congress,” she said. ”I think it’s really important to contact your member of Congress and the Senate about this.”
Khan is an immigration attorney with an office in Orlando, and a lot of her clients are British business owners who live and work in Central Florida, and are here on an E2 Visa. Although that visa enabled the British residents to come to the United States, with his family, it’s also left many of them in a legal limbo. Continue reading

Libertarian hopes to take the judge to court.

The "free speech zone" in front of the Orange County Courthouse is the target of a new lawsuit filed by Libertarian activists Mark Schmidter, who was arrested for handing out flyers outside the zone. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

ORLANDO – Last year, Libertarian activist Mark Schmidter was arrested for, among other things, not standing in the Free Speech Zone in front of the Orange County Courthouse as he handed out flyers to prospective jurors.
On Tuesday, Schmidter and his attorney, Adam Sudbury of Orlando, were back in front of the Orange County Courthouse, this time inside the free speech Zone, to announce that they were formally filing a lawsuit against the judge who sentenced Schmidter to five months in the Orange County jail, making him a convicted felon, on a contempt of court charge.
The lawsuit, Schmidter said, was also being filed on behalf of Julian Heiklen, a civil libertarian protestor from New Jersey who also got arrested on the same contempt charges last summer, and who has since left this country to move to Israel. Continue reading

Thanks to the Supreme Court, attorney says, ObamaCare is here to stay.

What's the future of health care now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Obama administration's universal health care law? (Photo by Dave Raith).

RENO, NEVADA – The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s universal health care law has left Republicans pledging to overturn it, and Democrats indicating this should help the president win a second term.
No matter what your view is on the political implications of the ruling, said Jerome J. Ghigliotti Jr., one thing is clear as a result of the court’s decision: ObamaCare will not get repealed.
“We have ObamaCare now, and it’s here to stay,” he said.
Ghigliotti is a California attorney whose practice has included insurance defense, workers’ compensation law, aviation and real estate law. On Thursday, he addressed the 2012 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, for a speaking program called “Recent Significant and High Profile Legal Issues” that have been decided by the Supreme Court. Among the most significant, he said, were rulings on whether the Second Amendment applies to the ability to cities and states to ban handgun sales, the court’s ruling on an Arizona law that imposes restrictions on what can be done by illegal immigrants – and, of course, the court’s handling of the universal health care law. Continue reading

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