Lake County Animal Shelter hosting “Hot Dogs, Cool Cats” pet adoptions

hot dogs cool cats

Marshmallow is one of the dogs available for adoption at the Lake County Animal Shelter.

TAVARES — Anyone who has spent more than a couple of summers in Central Florida knows by now how to beat the heat – from hitting those well air-conditioned malls and movie theaters to jumping in the pool or driving to the beach.
Now, how about your pets? Keep in mind that while people can shed their coats, dogs and cats can’t — although the fur that keeps them warm in the winter can also protect them in the summer from taking on too much heat.
So your pets may enjoy being outdoors with you during the summer.
And if you don’t have any pets? As the Lake County Animal Shelter is pointing out, summer is the ideal time to consider adopting one.
To help promote pet adoptions, the Lake County Animal Shelter is teaming up with L.E.A.S.H., Inc., the non-profit group that works to assist feral cats and shelter animals.
Together, they’re sponsoring “Hot Dogs, Cool Cats,” a summer long pet adoption event they’re billing as “the hottest of the summer.” Continue reading

Owl trapped in water is rescued in Polk County

Darren Monk

Firefighter Darren Monk holds the owl he helped rescue in Mulberry on Monday.

MULBERRY – There’s an old joke about firefighters in small towns with very fire fires, who are quick to respond to calls of a cat stuck high in a tree, needing to be rescued.
This week, there was a variation of that story in Polk County, where an injured owl actually did get rescued by Polk County firefighters.
The owl, which has been given to the Woodland Wonders Wildlife Rehabilitation Service so it can be treated and rehabilitated, probably owes its life to those firefighters. They pulled the injured owl from a small pool of water Monday morning near Mulberry.
Kevin Watler, communications specialist for the Polk County Board of County Commissioners, reported that around 7:30 a.m. Monday, Polk Fire’s Station 710 in the Willow Oak area got a call about an owl that was trapped in a man’s pool.
“The resident wasn’t sure who to contact, so he called Polk County Fire Rescue,” Watler noted.
Capt. James Towns, Engineer Darren Monk and Firefighter James Parker went to the home on Bailey Road in Mulberry, where they found the owl stuck in about a foot of water, with one claw tangled in a tarp. The owl was caught there and unable to fly. Continue reading

Fringe Review: “Falkland”

falklands orlando fringe

Tasty Monster Productions is bringing their show “Falklands” to the Orlando Fringe Festival.

ORLANDO – On a cold island where it seems relatively easy to find solitude, an aging sheep farmer has a chance encounter with a young British soldier. As they start up a conversation, it will eventually grow into a brief but strong friendship between them.
They’re on the Falkland island, and both came by way of Britain. The sheep farmer’s parents were so traumatized by the devastating Nazi bombings during World War II that the family opted to resettle on Falkland, since the island has been a British territory since 1841 and is mostly inhabited by British residents. The young solider, wide-eyed and fairly green, just arrived from Belfast.
But the soldier isn’t there to learn farming or to get a local job. He’s a British soldier, and has been sent there to hold back the attempt by the Argentinian government to reclaim the island — by force.
The farmer, who as a child lived through the Nazi Blitzkrieg, knows only too well that this conflict has the potential for a devastating conclusion — and that’s long before the bombs start dropping nearby.
“Falkland,” the historic drama being presented by Tasty Monsters Production and premiering at Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, takes a look back at a small chapter in history from the early 1980s, one that’s been far eclipsed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is almost certainly totally unknown to most younger patrons.
It’s a production that deals with a difficult mix of subjects — war, political conflicts, nationalism — that have plenty of resonance today, despite the fact that the Falklands War happened for 10 weeks in 1982. At the same time, the show’s producers and performers, Heather Bagnall and Luke Tudball, deal with it in a quiet, low-key manner, allowing the human drama to take precedence over the politics. Continue reading

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