Center for Women’s Health set for grand opening ceremony.

Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Haines City will have a grand opening ceremony on Saturday for its new fifth floor, which houses the Center for Women's Health.

HAINES CITY — Lisa Bishop was speaking into the phone when there was a loud crash in the background.
Startled, she quickly apologized and noted that everywhere around her, workers were hauling boxes – including the one that fell.
“We’re moving as I’m talking to you,” she said. “We’ve got boxes to move, so sorry.”
It was a busy day where Bishop works, at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, the hospital on U.S. 27 in Haines City. But it was particularly busy on the hospital’s new fifth floor, which houses its new Center for Women’s Health, which will have its grand opening on Saturday, June 23.
Bishop, the hospital’s director of Women’s Services, said Tuesday was a day spent busily doing all the last minute things that need to be done before a new office opens its doors.
“We are unpacking boxes and installing our equipment and making sure it meets our high standards, and we are putting up artwork today,” Bishop said. “We are doing training all week.” Continue reading

Four Corners celebrates the opening of its first public park.

The new Northeast Regional Park in Four Corners celebrated its grand opening today. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

FOUR CORNERS – Scott Smith can remember a decade ago, trying to bring together government leaders from the four counties that make up the Four Corners area, and convince them that what used to be miles of citrus groves along U.S. 27 was now something entirely different: miles of residential subdivisions filled with newcomers.
That meant families, and children, who needed more than just a home to live in, Smith said. They also needed someplace to play in.
“We started 10 years ago, going down to the county commissions, and asking for this,” Smith said, as he stood proudly in the new Northeast Regional Park, which celebrated its grand opening on Saturday.
The park, at 50901 U.S. 27 in Davenport, is located right next to the Bass Lake subdivision, and very close to the point where four counties – Lake, Orange, Osceola and Polk – meet. Continue reading

Starting with a long-range vision, Poinciana gears up to sell Polk County on the need for more transit.

Could this track off Poinciana Boulevard eventually become the starting point for an expansion of commuter rail into Polk County? (Photo by Michael Freeman).

POINCIANA – It can be very frustrating, Annette Brown-Best said, to live in a community like Poinciana that was built for homes, and then businesses, but not for a huge number of commuters – or for people who don’t have a car at all.
It’s not cheap, the Poinciana resident admits, to bring more transportation options to an area not particularly close to major cities and the bus service available there. The solution, she added, is to make that first step and acknowledge there’s a need – and then work together on a solution.
“Things take time,” Brown-Best said. “You take baby steps. But I’m so happy that we were on the radar, and someone is listening to us.”
Brown-Best was one of several Poinciana residents who went to the Polk State University campus on Wednesday, to hear Polk Transit — a county agency working to develop improved transportation options — unveil its long term transit proposal for the entire county, including Poinciana. Continue reading

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